'Jeff's Humiliation'

'Jeff's was inspired by a story in a British magazine. Jeff's behavior had been horrible and his mother decided to force him to join his sister in panties and frilly skirts. The book is illustrated with 20 new drawings by Juan.

It was Carnival and Jeff's mother, aunt and sister have just forced him into his first dress. He and his identically dressed sister are about to be in a parade (the cover art above shows them walking toward their float):

Soon they arrived to where the parade was forming. The area was crowded with teams of girls in costumes, bands, and men, women and children on floats prepared for the start. Jeff looked around terrified that someone else would recognize him, but the women just pulled him on. They past a ‘gypsy’ float and then came to one titled ‘Party-time.’ He looked up to see about half a dozen girls dressed in pretty dresses like his own, surrounding a large celebration cake adorned with candles.

"Here we are, Susan. This is our float. Come on now, climb up." He stepped up onto the float. He felt so alone, yet only feet away were others in their pretty dresses. The difference was that he was a boy and they were real girls! Then one blonde girl noticed his arrival and shouted, "HEY, HE'S HERE! OH LOOK AT HIM! JUST LOOK!" The girls needed no more invitation. They rushed over to him, laughing and giggling.
"Oh, God, look at the pansy!"
"Look, he's dressed just like us, how lovely!"

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'Henry’s Vacation in Panties'

'Henry’s’ was based on an old story, 'Peter's Vacation' that has been published in several forms over the years. I worked directly from (and modified) the original manuscript. The original was not finished so book five of my story is completely original. They are is illustrated with over 100 drawings by Juan.

Henry, an English boy, was spending the summer in Paris with his aunt and her two sons. She has some very peculiar ideas of how boys should be dressed. Henry is soon in short pants and then in a smock over them. In not too many days, he is wearing panties in place of the shorts and headed for a special store for some new outfits:

He stared at the store in disbelief; the window was filled with girl's clothes. There were little frocks, white smocks and a huge array of girls’ underthings. Aunt Miriam let him absorb the full shock of realization, then propelled him in.

Henry looked around with amazement. Many of the customers appeared to be boys, and they were looking at or trying on girl’s clothes. Two attractive girls of seventeen or so came to assist the two ladies and their charge. Henry was aghast as the two girls closed in. He was ready to fight, but his aunt and governess were watching him closely.

The girls removed his smock, tie and shirt and left him standing in his underwear. Some boys scrutinized his panties and frilled chemise, but their own dress was equally feminine and Henry returned their stares with furious embarrassment.

He stood as the two girls lifted his arms and pulled on a dainty organdy dress. It was a nightmare! M’selle Faber compelled him to walk before a mirror to make sure he would know what he looked like. He felt tears running down his face.

Later Henry is thoroughly dressed as a girl. He is about to meet some boys. He doesn’t know it yet but they are also English:

"Aunt Miriam, you won't tell our guests that I'm a boy?"

"Not if you are obedient and behave as a proper girl."

Henry shivered at the thought of being a 'proper girl', but he was hopeful that he would not be exposed.

"Do you like your long stockings?"

"Er, em. No...I mean yes," he answered, but involuntarily his fists clenched.

"Did Melanie show you how to tighten your suspenders well, Priscilla?"

He meekly answered, "Yes, Auntie."

"Let me see."

Blushing furiously Henry drew up his skirt before his aunt. She smiled. He felt crushed.

Henry smoothed his skirt under himself as he had been taught, and lowered himself into the sofa with extreme caution, trying not to display his underwear. His skirt was so short! He was sure that the boys could get a good view of his garters and stocking tops, but he didn't dare look down and call attention to them.

"What is your school, Priscilla?" Billy asked him politely.

‘Priscilla’ blushed scarlet for a moment. He was dumbfounded for he could not tell them the name of his boy’s school. There was a pause. The name of his hated sister’s school sprang to his lips.

"Langley School in Sussex," he squeaked.

"We’re neighbors then," Billy told ‘her’, "we are at Hollymere, in Devon."

'Henry's' is available on Kindle


'Darwin’s Womanhood'

‘Darwin’s Womanhood’ was inspired by ‘Womanhood’ by Alice Trail. With Alice's help I rewrote the story as a first person narrative and added my own twists. Marlon and Darwin, twin brothers, were happy to accept an alternative to jail. However, they don’t know what the judge had planned. I used Adam for the art as he had illustrated Womanhood. This story has over 50 new illustrations by Adam.

Darwin and his brother Marlon think that it will be able to get away with anything living with Miss Gates, but she is tough and has the law on her side. She soon has them in blouses, girl’s shorts and panties:

You’ll go to Stella’s Style Shop in the mall and buy a nightgown for yourself. I understand your friend Mary Sue works there."

Upon hearing that, all the blood drained from my face. I was wearing a pair of purple shorts with yellow embroidery decorations on the fake pockets, a lavender blouse with white lace ruffles down the front and white sandals without socks. Marlon had styled my hair that morning and it flowed down in ringlets to my shoulders, bangs covering my forehead.

"Y-you can’t be serious. I can’t go to the mall dressed like this."

Shortly, the three of us were walking down a path beside a golden autumn grain field. I walked confidently in my moderate heels, a result of considerable training and practice. I blushed scarlet under Katie’s curious scrutiny. No one spoke until we were out of hearing range of the house.

"Get us out of here Katie," I begged. "I can’t stand being a girl."

'Darwin's' is available on Kindle


'Bill’s Humiliations in Panties'
'Bill’s Humiliations in Panties' was my first all original story. Bill has taken advantage of women his whole life. He has finally gone too far and it’s payback time. It took me over three years since, once I had developed the characters and the situation that forced Bill and Jeff into dresses, I hated to end the story. It is illustrated with over 300 new drawings by Juan.

Bill was in jail for assault and attempted rape. He is now out on probation. His sister decided that he needed a major lesson in respecting women. She and one of Bill’s ex-girlfriends gave him a manicure and pedicure and forced him into a bra and panties. Next they planed to replace his pants with something more interesting:

"I don’t want a dress."

"Those should be about right," Norma said. " He’s been wearing my dresses which are tens, and they’ve been tight on him. Let’s try the twelve."

"Remember, he can’t use the changing room," the clerk said.

"We’ll have to make the best of it," Norma said. "Bill, stand behind this rack of clothes and take off your shirt and pants."

"I can’t! People will see me."

"You should be proud to show off your pretty lingerie," Norma said, "you told us how happy you were to be wearing it."

"I’m not!" I said. "I hate this stuff!"

"I’m tired of your outbursts," Norma said. "Jim, help him undress."

Jim moved towards me and I prepared for the fight of my life. I took a swing at him. He ignored my attack and picked me up effortlessly. As I kicked and hit him, he calmly pulled off my shoes and pants. He was so strong, I felt like a little child in his grasp. He put me back on my feet and ripped off my shirt. The whole thing took less than a minute.

They put the dress over my head. As its wispy fabric fell down over the bra, garter belt and panties, I was both ashamed of wearing it and grateful to have the dainty undergarments concealed. The dress had a low neckline and no sleeves. It displayed my shaved arms and underarms and much of my shaved chest. It ended several inches above my knees and showed off my nylon covered legs. The sound made by the rear zipper as the clerk closed it was the most horrible thing I’d ever heard.

Bill’s sister and her Bill’s ex-girlfriends are having a party and Bill and his friend Jeff are both in dresses. Bill's sister is explaining to him what they propose to do with him. It’s dresses and more dresses for the poor man:


"I’ve had a new wardrobe made for you," Norma said.

She opened the door to the closet. I stared in disbelief at the collection of daintily lace-frilled dresses and petticoats.

"These are your new clothes," she said.

Bill spent the first month at Lincoln High School dressed as a boy (with bra and panties underneath of course). Now the Principal springs her trap.

"We worked out the details of your coming to Lincoln. At first we thought you’d start school in dresses. However, when you requested permission to wear pants, we reconsidered. I decided if you started school in pants, made friends and were accepted as a boy, your change to dresses would be much more dramatic than if you started the year that way. I hadn’t decided how to go about your transformation until Jayne complained to me about your grabbing her rear. I called June in and we decided you’d join the cheer leading squad."

Bill has to learn how women work to earn a lining. He has a series of jobs one of which is a receptionist in a busy downtown bank:


My desk had no drawers or back panel. I held my legs together tightly, trying to prevent people from seeing up my dress. In the first hour I greeted hundreds of people. Some of them probably thought that I was a girl until they saw my name tag and the sign in front of me. Their reactions upon discovering I was a man were varied and humiliating.


"Of course, sweetie. What’s on your mind."

"I can’t stand these clothes."

"What do you mean? That’s a very nice dress."

"You’ve made me wear dresses for so long, couldn’t I wear pants again?"

"Darling, why would you want to wear pants? You look so sweet in dresses."

'Bill's' is available on Kindle


'Schooled With Girls'

Peter’s stepmother doesn’t want him to marry. What better way to prevent it than schooling him with girls? The story is illustrated with over 100 new drawings by Juan.

Peter’s first day at Miss Mary’s School for Girls begins with a ride on the school bus. Unfortunately for him, he has to wait for the bus at the same place as the bus to his old school:


Sighing, I moved toward the bus stop. My head hung low and my eyes were one with the ground. As I got nearer, Fred said, "Look at that!"

"Its Peter!" Paul exclaimed. "My God, Peter, what are you wearing?"

"Look at his coat. It says ‘Miss’ Gates," Fred said.

Paul laughed, "You look pretty, Miss Gates."

I stood silently, tears welling in my eyes.

"Are you going to school like that?" Jim asked.

I stared at the ground holding my bag in front of my pleated pink skort.

"That’s the Miss Mary’s uniform," Fred said.

"You’re going to a girls’ school!" Paul exclaimed.

After Peter's unsuccessful attempt to be a student at a boy’s military school, his stepmother takes him shopping for a new wardrobe:


"Let’s pack up your boys clothes. You won’t be needing them anymore."

As we packed, my tears never stopped. Finally, we had everything in boxes. We took them to the attic and Sheila locked them up. I wondered if I’d ever see them again.

Back at Miss Mary’s School for Girls, Peter’s fellow students take an active interest in his new uniform and figure:

As soon as I got off the bus the girls surrounded me.

"Pretty Peter’s got tits," Trish said.

'Schooled' is available for sale here




I worked on ‘BEAUTIFIED BULLIES’ for nearly two years and it has more that one hundred and fifty original drawings by Juan Sole and a few by BJ.

I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Princess Lacy, http://www.redlightnet.com/princess/docs/home.htm, and Alice Trail. They are given credit as providing ‘editorial’ assistance. That was my publisher’s choice of words, not mine. They helped me with the book, providing story ideas and suggesting improvements in my grammar and punctuation.

'Beautified' tells the story of Nick and Mike who have bullied their schoolmates and abused their mother. At the end it introduces the Sissy Boy School that I will be using in future stories:

Miss Baldwin tricked Nick into agreeing to give up his male clothes so that his brother would no longer try to run away from home (I'm sorry if this seems difficult to believe, but the story makes it all perfectly reasonable):


"Panties? Please, Miss Baldwin, can’t I wear my underpants. I mean they won’t show?"

"I know they won’t, dear, but I’m just afraid if we leave but one item of boys’ clothing in this house, your brother will be tempted by it. We can’t have that now, can we, Nicky?"
He didn’t think Mike would run away just in underwear, but he guessed it was possible. By the minute, he was getting angrier with Mike. It was his fault this was happening. However, he could not concentrate on that, only on the thought of the ordeal that he knew now was only moments away.

She took him into her bedroom. While he stood trembling, she went to her bureau and produced a pair of pink panties edged with lace. She handed them to him.

Miss Baldwin promised Nick a treat for being such a good little boy. Nick is not thrilled to find out that the ‘treat’ involves him going out in public in a dress:


"Oh, but my . . . my hair . . . m-my face. I do look like a boy. Oh, Auntie Eve, please don’t make me go out. I’ll die if anyone sees me like this."

"Nonsense, Nicole. You are such a timid little girl. I’m sure that once you get out you’ll enjoy every minute of it. We are going, you know." Then, as if the thought had just occurred to her, "But perhaps you think you do not look pretty enough?"

"P-pretty?" That was the least of his worries. He didn’t want to look pretty. As he was miserably considering this thought, Miss Baldwin continued.

"I don’t think a girl your age should be allowed much makeup dear, but perhaps for an outing, I guess, if you really want, I could let you use a little."

"I don’t want to wear any makeup." Mike would just kill him.

"Very well, dear. Are you ready?"

Suddenly he realized what he’d just rejected. Perhaps, just perhaps, with makeup, people might think he was a real girl. At least there was a chance. As he was right now, everyone would recognize him. After that, his life would never again be worth living.

"Oh, Auntie, I changed my mind. I think . . . I think I’d like to wear makeup."


"Where can we go? I don’t want anyone to see us," Nick said looking around. "Oh no," he exclaimed. "It’s Ben and Jerry. Let’s get out of here!"

Too late! The grinning boys greeted them, "Hi, girls." said Ben scornfully.

"Aren’t Nick and Mike cute in their dresses," Jerry said.

"Don’t call them by those names," Ben said, "Dawn told me that they are Nicole and Michele now."

"Go away and leave us alone," Mike said angrily.