Petticoat Punishment Illustrated by Carole Jean

Schooled to be Girls! Volume #3

Bob, the Panty Thief

published 11/2003.

This is the third of several books about the students of the Sylvan School for Boys. Each of these books stands alone as a complete story, but all have the same background. All of these books are illustrated with dozens of new drawings commissioned specifically for the story. Details of the SSB will be revealed bit by bit in succeeding stories. In this tale, Bob’s girlfriend agrees to go to the prom with another boy. Bob’s attempt to get even with her is a disastrous failure.


Bob (now Eve) is visiting his former girlfriend:

“If Eve continues at Sylvan, what would he have to look forward to?”

“Well, as you can see, our first year students like Eve make important strides in their feminine appearance and deportment. But he is nowhere near his best yet. Over the full three-year program, our sissies become ever more feminine. We give them in-depth training in makeup, clothing, and movement. By the second year, their hair is long enough to style, so they are fully trained in hair care. During their third year, they are taught the subtleties of being feminine in every way from the finer arts of speaking as a girl and discreetly teasing men thru their posture and poses to the proper ways to kiss real boys and other sissies. By the time they graduate, they have long, pretty hair they can spend countless hours styling. They are as expert at makeup as an experienced beautician. Plus, they can sew, dance, cook, and clean and look more graceful and feminine than almost any real girl while doing those things.”

As Bob listened to Ms. Gilbert describe what would happen to him if he remained at Sylvan, his head began swimming.

He rushed over to Lisa and fell on his knees. “Lisa, please! Don’t let them do that to me. I’ll do whatever you say. Honest! Just don’t make me go back.”


Schooled to be Girls! Volume #2

'VAN, the Bride'

This is the second of several books about the 'Sylvan School for Boys'. Each of these books stands alone as a complete story, but all have the same background. Details of the SSB will be revealed bit by bit in succeeding stories.
In this tale, Van's parents need him to replace his sister in the family circus act so he is sent to the Sylvan School to be trained as a girl. He enlists his girlfriend to help him escape with unfortunate consequences.


Iris felt that everyone could see right through his gown. He lowered his bouquet and walked down the aisle looking up, away from the guests.

His thoughts drifted back three years to a time before the Sylvan School. He’d been Van, the leading scorer and captain of his soccer team. Then came the incident that changed everything . . .

"Van' is full of wonderful illustrations by Juan. Here is one I had him color.


Schooled to be Girls! Volume #1

'Norm, the Town Boy'

I am really excited about this new book.

At the end of “Nick and Mike the Beautified Bullies”, the brothers entered a strange new school. For the past two years I have been working on other stories about the boys in that school.

This is the first of several books about the ‘Sylvan School for Boys’. Each of these books stands alone as a complete story, but all have the same background. Details of the SSB will be revealed bit by bit in succeeding stories.

In this tale, Norm and his friends ridicule some of the Sylvan sissies and he brags about the encounter to his parents and younger sister. His sister then conspires to cause Norm to become one himself.


Life at the Sylvan school continued normally for the next few weeks. That is, if boys wearing silky undies, padded bras, cute dresses, feminine makeup, and satin hair ribbons could be considered normal.

Ballet class was in session. The boys were wearing short tutus and Miss Sophie was teaching them how to pirouette when Barbie entered the room.

“Ruth, Mary, Angel and Grace,” she said, “have been selected to lead cheers at Stonewall Academy next Friday afternoon.”

“Stonewall?” Norm asked.

“Yes, Grace.”

“I can’t be a cheerleader at Stonewall! I went to school there. Everyone knows me. I’ll be recognized for sure.”

“Don’t worry, Grace,” Miss Sophie said. “With your short skirt and big breasts I’m sure the boys won’t be looking at your face.”

On the day of the game, Miss Stanley supervised the cheerleaders’ application of their makeup. She had them remove their school dresses and apply blush until their cheeks were like rosy apples, eyeliner until their eyes appeared large and doe-like, mascara that thickened and extended their lashes, and bright red lipstick that matched their long oval nails and made their lips full and seductive. This was indeed a traumatic time for the boys and it didn’t get any better when she sprayed them with perfume.

“We must give the very best impression of our school. I have arranged this performance and will supervise your activities at the game. I will tolerate nothing no bad performances or behavior.

“My friends will recognize me,” Norm said. “I know they will.”

“Just worry about getting your dance routines right and keeping your lipstick fresh.”

Norm felt sick to his stomach upon their arrival at the gymnasium. The last time he had been there he had been playing on the basketball team with his buddies and the girls had been cheering for him. Now he was about to be a cheerleader himself.

'Norm' includes about 70 new drawings by Juan.

Here are a few I had him color.



‘The Male Maid Book of ABC’s’

'Male Maid' contains twenty-six new Juan drawings of male maids and pithy text by Carole Jean facing twenty-six classic full-page male maid drawings by Juan.

A is for Adorable
in his cute little dress.


The ABC's are available on Kindle


‘Bound to be a Maid’

'Bound' was originally sold in the 1950’s as a set of 40 photographs of ‘VanRod’ (Gene Bilbrew) art. Its original title was ‘Bound Over or Missing Gwen de Lynn’. No credit was given to the author whose brief text appeared above each drawing, nor was the publisher named.

I commissioned Juan to help change the female victim into a male and rewrote the story. BJ then modified a few of the drawings for the fun of it.

He finished dressing just as the door opened without warning. Betty and a uniformed maid came in. The maid said, "Good day Mamzelle, I am Mimi." She held out a pink corset obviously intended for him.

"Are you crazy? I won’t wear that."

Betty studied her prisoner. "Now, it isn’t really so bad, is it?" she murmured.

"Why, why are you . . . I never did anything to you."

"What would you have done to me if I hadn’t switched drinks with you? The same as you did to poor Moira, I imagine?"

"Then you know."

"I know you used Rohypnol. You could go to jail for twenty years for that. Mimi, will you take the bottom laces, while I get the ones back of the shoulders?"


Bound to be a Maid is available on Kindle


‘Now He’s Louise & The Beribboned Gang’

'Louise and Beribboned' are two classic Petticoat Punishment stories from forty years ago. I updated the text and hired Adam to illustrate it.

'Louise' is a story of a wife’s revenge for her husband’s dalliances. 'Beribboned' deals with the reformation of a troublesome gang of teenage boys.

"Come on, Doreen," Lew said, "enough is enough. I hate these damned female clothes. You’ve dragged me out in public and embarrassed me in front of dozens of people. Doesn’t that satisfy your need for revenge."

She stood behind him and unzipped his skirt. "Shall I let your skirt drop and snatch off your wig then shoot you and leave you here to be found in your girl’s clothes, Louise, or do you do exactly as I say no matter how much you hate it without one more word of protest?"

"For heaven’s sake, Doreen," the terrified man gasped, "zip that up. I’ll go with you. I’ll do anything, but not that!"

"Give me back my pants," Terry said with his hands on his hips. No doubt this was a pose that would have looked masculine and tough were it not for the fact that he was wearing a short skirt and feminine blouse that clearly showed his swelling breasts and bra straps.

"Hear that, girls," I said, "Our cute sissy want’s pants. What do you think?"

"Let him have them," Jane said.

How Terry protested as we forced him into an out-thrust black bra, a white satin blouse, tight fitting gold stretch pants and high-heeled pumps.

"You’ll never get away with this shit," he said.

At this point I threw open the door and said, "Terry, let’s go see the rest of your gang -- with you like you are.

The Beribboned Gang is available on Kindle


‘The Sarah School’

'Sarah School' is a new version of a classic Petticoat Punishment story from forty years ago. I updated the text and hired Adam to illustrate it.

Once again a husband had crossed the line, this time for the last time.

When we reached her station wagon, I stood by the front door while Miss Brown put my bag in the back. Instead of opening the door when she returned, however, she opened my coat, unzipped my fly and lowered my pants!

"What are you doing!" I pulled at the cuffs and looked around the parking lot, terrified to be so exposed. Several people were staring at me!

She ignored my protests, left my pants down and unbuttoned my shirt. I was frantic to cover my feminine underwear, but all of my squirming and objections came to nothing. She seemed to be moving slowly on purpose as she took a chocolate bar out of her bag, unwrapped it, and placed half inside each of my bra cups. She left my shirt unbuttoned with my bra showing. Only then did she open the car door and help me in. There were other men in lingerie already in the car. They also had their shirts open and pants down.

Sarah School is available on Kindle


‘CraveX – A Wife’s Revenge’

This (largely) original Petticoat Punishment tale with a twist or two was fully illustrated by Adam.

What could an vengeful wife do if she had absolute control of her cheating husband? What could she do to pay him back for embarrassing her? With the help of CraveX she could do anything:

The clerks gave me peculiar looks as I wandered through the lingerie department grabbing a slip and panties. I thought large was good for the slip. The panties had numbers, not sizes. The higher numbers seemed bigger so I took the largest number I could find. The bras made no sense to me at all. I must have looked as mystified as I felt, because a clerk came and asked, "May I help you?"

"I need to buy some things for my wife."

"I’ll be happy to help you. What have you selected so far?"

I gave her the slip and panties and she asked, "are you sure of your wife’s sizes?"

"I don’t know."

"Is she about your size?"

I nodded.

"Then these panties are much too large for her. I’ll help you select another pair. What about her bra? Is her chest about the same size as yours too?"

I nodded again.

"June, come help me," she said, and the two measured my chest.

"What’s her cup size, honey?"


The next day it happened. What I had been dreading. "Good morning Gabrielle, are you ready to go to work?"

"I can’t go to work like this."

"Your co-workers will no doubt be surprised you have decided to become a woman, but they will all know soon."

Surprised was an understatement. They were astonished and I was crushed.

I was an object of curiosity among co-workers. They didn’t know what to make of me, one day I was a macho man with a reputation for office affairs. The next I was dressed as a woman. I couldn’t blame them for being confused. I wasn’t about to tell them the truth, that my wife and secretary had done this to me.


CraveX is available on Kindle