The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

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c. 1920's.  Volume I.  PRIVATELY PRINTED in London, England.  Author unknown.  This book chronicles the happenings of a young man who dresses as a woman to seduce other men and women.  The illustrations are more explicit than most of the material I have on this web page . . . so be warned.


(Note that I have censored this image but that the download is not censored)

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This item is one of my all time favorite stories, 'Peter's Vacation'. This unfinished story has spawned many attempts to complete it including my own.

If you want to buy my story, which I called Henry's Vacation in an attempt to avoid confusion with other versions, you will find more information HERE.

I found the original manuscript and retyped it. It was a real labor of love as I am a two finger typist and the story is over 41,000 words. The only changes I made were to correct typos and spelling errors.

I then found suitable illustrations to accompany the story. All of these illustrations were drawn for versions of the story. Most of the more than 100 drawings have never been published. There are 12 unpublished color drawings by Juan and several in black and white, over 50 unpublished drawings by J. L. of NYC (whose love for this story shows in every single one - if any of you knew J. L. or have any of his art, please contact me), and over 30 drawings by ‘Curtus’ as modified by Chris Taylor.

To give you a bit of the favor of this outstanding Petticoat Punishment story, here is just a bit of the text and one drawing by each of the three artists.


"You will not be going to the park today, Peter," she told him, "we are going shopping. Wouldn't you like that?"

"Yes Aunt Miriam," he said meekly. Inside he churned. Did this mean going into the busy section of the city in the little boy's beret and smock?

"We have to get you some clothes," she told him. Peter guessed this meant a busy thoroughfare. A shudder ran through him.

"Get your smock and beret," M'selle ordered. He hastened into the hall; her manner brooked no argument. As he pulled on the smock he was glad he had short pants on - that would not be so bad as yesterday in the park. His security was short-lived for the Governess followed him into the hall.

"Just a moment!" She looked him icily up and down, then she reached up under his smock and as Peter stood rigid with horror she unfastened his pants.

"We don't need these," she said grimly and Peter found himself stepping out of his short trousers.

"But Ma'am aren't we going to the shops," he said incredulously. His voice was a hoarse whisper. He felt the lace tingling at his thighs. His legs seemed exposed despite his smock.

"Oh yes, indeed we are going to the shops!" she answered, smiling. Aunt Miriam appeared in hat and gloves. She too smiled. Peter stood there, his mind in a turmoil. They wanted to bring him shopping dressed in a little boy's smock without even his trousers! He could not believe it was happening. Yet he found himself being shepherded towards the door between these two formidable women. As the door was held back by Melanie a great surge of rebellion almost overwhelmed him, but meekly he walked out with them.

The ladies were beginning to enjoy themselves. This fifteen year old boy was a fresh challenge, a new plaything. He had been broken to their will. Publicly he was allowing himself to be humiliated in a little boy's smock without even his trousers. Now they were walking up the broad avenue towards the Etoile, the merest breeze might expose his girl's lace-edged underwear. Aunt Miriam smiled to herself. M'selle Faber smiled openly, returning the looks of amusement which many cast in their direction.

Peter wished he could die as he met the sly grins of passersby. He reddened as some boys laughed outright. Had he been alone he would gladly have pasted them with a black eye. How could he have let them bring him out here into the busy streets? He hung his head in shame, trying not to see people's amusement.

At last they reached the relative quiet of the Rue St. Honors, the centre of the fashion world, which was quiet at this time in the afternoon. Finally, they came to one of the smaller boutiques. He stared in disbelief; the window was filled with little frocks, with white and colored smocks, with a great array of girls' underthings. Aunt Miriam let him absorb the full shock of realization, then they propelled him quickly into the salon. A demure lady greeted them. Peter watched with amazement as other boys were looking at or trying on girls' things. The lady beckoned two pretty girls of seventeen or so to assist the two ladies and their charge. Peter was aghast as the two girls closed in. He was ready to fight, but they looked rather strong for even a fifteen year old boy. His Aunt sat and various dresses and smocks were brought out. Peter stood with clenched fists until a selection was made. The two girls gripped him.

"Don't!" Aunt Miriam warned him with a single word, "Or you will be punished right here in the shop!" Other boys had turned to watch. With a shuddering sigh Peter dropped his arms limply.

J. L.'s version


Juan's version


Curtus's version

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