The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 25 - Curtus

Curtus is the most recent nom de plume of a marvelous British artist who has been drawing Petticoat Punishment for fifty years.

For many years beginning in the 1950’s and 60’s he drew only for other collectors and enthusiasts notably Nan Gilbert.

During the 1970’s he corresponded with ‘Posey’ of Halifax Nova Scotia who wrote text to accompany Curtus’ art. He also began exchanging drawings with PRIM.

Janus published a few of his drawings in the 1970’s of older (16 or 17 years old) boys forced to wear the short pants typical of younger British schoolboys.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Curtus used the name ‘Guy Pender’. His work appeared in the United States in Amber E’s Crib Sheet and in publications by the Diaper Pail Fraternity, DPF, often uncredited or accompanying stories by ‘C. Taylor’ of Chicago. These drawings were done for a client who enjoyed infantilism. Curtus was not particularly interested in this topic – he preferred petticoat and corporal punishment. He drew the boys in panties as he preferred to see them and then drew the diapers on over them. His client complained that he was always getting the diapers wrong and modified Curtus’ art - not for the better.

In recent years he has drawn for publication by AKS Books (The Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society, They describe him as follows:

“One of the most experienced disciplinary illustrators in England, Curtus is the name by which this versatile line-artist is known within the portals of AKS Books. He contributed to every single issue of The Governess, and has illustrated five AKS titles: The House in St. John’s Wood; Linton Abbey; The Lost Breeches; Across My Lady’s Knee; Tales of the Unbreeched and Trouble at Linton Abbey.”

Princess Publications,, has modified and colored several of his older drawings with Curtus’ permission and has published them crediting ‘Missie McQueen’.

1950’s – 1960’s

'Nan Gilbert' aka 'Nancy':

Gilbert and Curtus exchanged letters during the late 1950's and early 1960's. Curtus would send art that would inspire Gilbert to write a short 'Tid Bit' of fiction. Gilbert also sent Curtus art by his great friend BJ.

These are selections from letters from Gilbert to Curtus, here called 'David'. For more letters from Gilbert please go here. I have also included a few of the drawings that Curtus' send to 'Nancy'.

My darling, precious David,

I am in full agreement with you about the value of childish ankle socks as being preferable to long nylons, which give the child a grown-up appearance and definitely that should be avoided. Davie never is allowed to wear long stockings except for party wear, when the hem of his gown is somewhat longer than usually worn.

And now darling, for your own sweet self.

NO! I am going to be an old meany and keep you in suspense while I comment on the lovely sketches you so thoughtfully sent me

I just was not able to do so in my last letter.

What a precious darling, ‘Pollyanna' with his handsome features framed with bangs and ringlets, ear drops dangling from his pierced ears, the off-the-shoulder gathered, revealing blouselette, so provocatively revealing his blossoming; mounds. The lovely little 'diaper-like' supporter with its clinch, laced belt, and removable crotch is cute. One may 'see' the disdain on his companion's face, as Pollyanna asks in his childish trill- "Won't you play 'trains' with me?" From the 'mound' at the front of the lad's trousers, I would fancy he is more interested in other things? It only goes to show how a belligerent youth may be converted into a 'Mummy's Darling'!

How exquisitely you portray the deep mortification of the Bully-boy, obliged to suffer the indignity of disrobing before Madame Doctor for her physical examination. His flesh crawls as her long, tapering ringers rove over his person. At the moment she might ask suggestively- "Your posterior is a plump as a girl's."

What an exciting thought, having pretty Jean Pierre, and 'fatty' Byron in my charge. They will indeed rue their cutting remarks to Darling Davie, so sweetly dressed. One may 'hear' Fatty exclaiming in a scornful voice- "Look, Jean! Miss Prissy Pants won first prize for needlework. I'll bet he's just terribly thrilled!"

Repentant Paul, weeping bitterly over the humiliations he has been subjected to at the hands of Marilyn and her charming companions.

Marilyn is asking- "What shall we do to Paul, Aunty Nancy?"

I would smile maliciously and reply- that pubic hair is quite improper for such a charming little schoolgirl. Can you not 'hear' their squeals of delight, as they pounce on hapless Paul, marching him up to a bedroom, and forcing him down on his back on a bed, while I remove the obnoxious growth, and suggest to the girls that they tie pretty ribbon bows about it.

You remark about B.J.'s ability to portray expressions. My Darling David, you are superb in creating just the right feelings.

Dearest David,

How lovely to receive your very nice letter, and those precious, tinted sketches. I simply could not resist sitting down before my typewriter and dashing off a cute Tid-Bit using them as the subject of the theme. I do so hope you will find it delightful!

P.S. I simply adore your sketches!


My dear David,

Two scrumptious envelopes with your lovely letter, Marilyn's adorable costume for Davie to wear to watch his erstwhile chums playing at their rough games, the utterly precious drawing of 'Baby' Davie in his infantile pretties and the exquisite sketch of the naughty bully- Paul Collins, (it most certainly does inspire me to conjure up a little Tid Bit) as well as Davie's diary. My dear, you simply cannot conceive of the ecstatic sensations which I am enjoying in our exchange, to say nothing of the conquest of Davie. Really, I am quite the most fortunate person.


Dearest David,

I really adored the sketches you enclosed with your letter. The one of the 'Naughty punished lad' with his little frock pinned up to allow everyone to see his crimsoned bottom, placed in a corner as one would a small child, is so definitely realistic. What delight the little girls present would have, running their fingers over the weals on his posterior and making cutting remarks.

The 'Way-out' ensemble worn by the punished teen-aged lad is precious. One can 'hear' the little girl squeal, as she lifts the hem of his little frock- "Sis, his booty is all nice and pink! Please, may I help you make it all pretty red!"

The little openings at the front of his frock, exposing his carmined nipples is a master stroke.

Here are four more drawings sent from Curtus to Gilbert:

Tricked into Dresses!

You figured right Aunty Nancy - I won! I won 1st prize - Isn't that great!! Yipeeee!!! An' I saw such a funny thing when we were driving home. You know that used clothes store down town - well I thought I saw a guy there carrying all my suits in the door - wasn't that a crazy thing to think?



"Please Judy, don't tell your brother I'm really a boy - I don't want anyone to know how my Aunty Nancy punishes me. Please don't tell!!"

"If I don't, Daviekins, can I spank your bare bottom in front of my friends?"

((Thanks, I'll tell anyway))



Curtus and PRIM exchanged hundreds of drawings and a few stories. Curtis drew one of his few stories with both art and text for PRIM. It is called 'Cissy' and has some 50 drawings. My friend BJ has redrawn 18 of them with more detail and some color. Here are two samples.

If you want to see all 68 drawings please Go here to see how to buy the Curtus & BJ art.

1970’s – 1980’s


In the 1970's Curtus corresponded with 'Posey' of Halifax Nova Scotia. Posey wrote short stories to accompany the art Curtus sent him. One of these stories, Mary Gesner School for Girls, was published. Here are a few passages from that story:

George Junior (17 years old) was not doing well in school at all. He was lazy and was a disturbing element in school leading the other boys into bad habits.

His parents determine that he needs to go to a boarding school and after much consideration of the pros and cons, decide to send him to the Mary Gesner School for Young Ladies where his two sisters are enrolled. It was called a school for girls, yet it did take younger boys from 8 to 12 years old.

It took some persuading, but the Headmistress agreed to take George as a pupil as long as he followed their dress code, stayed as a border for at least six months and would take lessons with some of the older girls, and he would take orders from the younger prefects.

When George entered the school he was very self conscious due to his age and size. The Matron took him to be dressed. Blushing furiously he let down his long trousers. He was relieved that he was allowed to keep his underpants on.

She held out a short purple petticoat and made George hold up his arms while she slipped it over his head.

“A kilt is more hygienic than trousers for a boy, but only if he wears a petticoat or slip under that can be easily laundered.”

She made him sit and put on ankle socks and strap shoes – they were obviously intended for a girl.

She handed him a shirt, but it was more like a girl’s gym blouse than a boy’s shirt. A tie followed, then George really got a shock when she held out a very short purple kilt. It hardly covered his upper thighs.

“Matron, I cannot wear such a ridiculously short kilt as this. My underwear could easily be seen on occasion!”

“I see,” said the Matron, “this is the largest we have, if you don’t want to wear the boy’s kilt, you will have to wear the girl’s.”

“Oh, I will wear the kilt!”

“You objected to your short kilt because your underwear will be seen on occasion, and that is true, if you are indiscreet and boyishly boisterous. But I am glad you mentioned it. As a unisex feature of our school, all the boys wear panties.”

The matron reached under George’s kilt and pulled down his underwear, and made him step into dainty little girl’s panties, which were edged with lace. “You need not worry about showing your ugly boy’s underwear; you can be consoled that if your kilt does reveal your underwear it will be your dainty girl’s panties.”

Walking along the corridor, George received another shock. Approaching him was another little girl prefect in her gym tunic leading a boy almost as big and old as George, and he too was dressed in a girl’s uniform. So short was the skirt of his tunic, it could not hide the little girl’s panties he was wearing. George realized that they were exactly like his own.


Most of the stories that Posey wrote were just one or two pages long. I have a small part of one such story. If you want to see some of his complete stories and the accompanying art by Curtus, please go here to find out how.


Curtus' first work published by a widely circulated magazine appeared in Janus in 1977 as contributions accompanying letters. The first is from volume 6 #1 and the second from volume 6 #4.


Chris Taylor commissioned several drawings and (unfortunately) modified them for several publications by Amber E and The Diaper Pail Fraternity. It is regrettable that the only art by Curtis that has been printed in the USA was so damaged.

Here is an example of a drawing by Curtus that was modified by Taylor for use in 'Peter's Vacation' published by Amber E. of Milpitas California in 1980.

Here is a portion of a story by Taylor along with three drawings that he didn't do much damage to. They are from the story, The Short Pants, that was serialized in issues 32 and 36 of The Crib Sheet again by Amber E:

Immediately upon his arrival at his Aunt’s manor just outside of London, Jason (the fifteen-year-old orphan) was deprived of his American clothing. In their place, his Aunt had substituted juvenile outfits, very short pants and silky blouses.

Jason was truly horrified during his first trip to the village when he discovered that English boys his age dressed much like their American counterparts. The village lads were very amused by the American in his little sailor suit.

When Jason returned home, he tore off his outfit and announced that he would no longer wear the humiliating short pants.

For his objections he is caned and told, “So young man, if you hate short pants so much perhaps you will be more satisfied with your new outfits.”

Jason couldn’t believe his eyes – she was replacing his short pants with outfits just as juvenile in appearance – Except that these had no pants at all! Each of the new outfits had a kilt or a short ruffled or pleated skirt! Even worse, his Aunt was also adding ruffled panties, petticoats and other definitely frilly finery.

The next several days were utterly miserable for Jason. Each kilt or skirt was too short and brazenly displayed his ruffled underpanties.

His humiliation was limited to the house until his Aunt announced one day that they were to go shopping in the village. He nearly died of shock until she asked if he would like to change into velvet short pants for their trip

“Oh yes, Auntie! Can I?”

She smiled and handed him the pants. “Yes, and put on the blouse with the lace collar and the puffed sleeves.”

Jason was extremely grateful for his Aunt’s decision to allow him to return to short pants for their trips to town. He endured the taunts of the rough lads knowing that it would be much worse if they saw him in the short kilts, which he was required to wear at home.

As he had arrived in the middle of the school term it had proven impossible for him to enroll in either of the nearby boys schools. However, his Aunt Victoria was determined he not miss a year of school and had persuaded her close friend to enroll Jason in the girls school she governed.

Jason hated the school. As well as math and grammar he was required to take sewing, home economics and child care. There was also the matter of the improvised uniform – a blazer, tie and incredibly short pants all in the school’s pale pink and blue colors.

It was not long before the girls decided that he should wear another outfit. It was similar to the hated little sailor suit, which his Aunt had purchased for him. Except, this outfit had no pants at all! The top ended abruptly at the waist with a very short flared skirt.

Here are two more drawings that Taylor modified:

This unpublished piece derives its inspiration from 'Anthony's Kilts' by C. W.

"Hey, Tommy, look at Robert. Ain't he a beauty? Com'on let's see what the sissy is wearing under that skirt."

((I wish these boys would get away from me. If they see my panties . . . Oh. me . . .))

"He says it's a kilt and not a skirt. Oh, wow! I see some lace under that . . . er kilt . . . uh skirt. Geez! He's wearing pink panties!"

Here is one last modified drawing:

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