October 10, 2015 I have rebuilt this site. It is smaller and downloads will not be available by direct order as in the past. Some of my books are only available on Kindle. However, I will sell all other formerly downloadable items thru email and paypal. I will not be able to accept credit cards at all. Go to my order page to see how you can support petticoat punishment art and enjoy great art and stories.
September 22, 2015

I am improving many of my books and loading them on Kindle. Loading is a slow process but I will keep at it. After I have loaded the books from this web page I plan to write new stories.

Search for 'Carole Jean' on Kindle. Be sure to enable 'adult' searches.

August 16, 2015

To all of my friends and customers

After a two decade run my web host tells me that the revenue from the site no longer supports its expenses and he is going to have to cancel the contract for our server. Therefore, I can not continue as in the past.

I plan to keep a small portion of the site open and will still answer emails at carolejeanppa@hotmail.com.

I remain interested in vintage petticoat punishment material

Thank you for your support.

Carole Jean