The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 10 - PRIM

Prim wrote and illustrated a cartoon serial. He titled it, ‘THE STORY OF WALT WISCONSIN, The All-American Male Who Wound Up In Fwocks, Wibbons and Wompers’. So far as I know, no part of it as ever been in print.
I now have 75 pages of the story. Parts one and two are complete and part three ends after 15 pages.

Walt Wisconsin, 16-year-old rich kid, playboy, and womanizer, was recently orphaned and contacted his only remaining relative, his 30-year-old cousin Delma Pensforth, divorcee, couturier, living in London and thoroughly disillusioned with men.

Delma blesses her lucky stars on hearing the boy’s plight, and far from taking pity on him, she eagerly grasps the opportunity to hit the clan of male pigs in the crotch (as it were) by degrading her (hateful) cousin. And so, she invites him to come and live with her. The poor unsuspecting sap accepts gleefully!

At her Chelsea home, Delma shows Walt his new bedroom and explains that, for the time being, he had better put his clothes in her spare wardrobe
"Phooahh! What a peach of a female," Walt thinks.

Unfortunately for poor Walt, he takes the bait and is enamoured by his cousin’s fashionable clothes. Soon he finds the tall boy, filled with her lingerie, and left alone in the house while Delma leaves to do the shopping, he eagerly delves into her store of ‘unmentionables’, and resolves to dress in one or two of her garments. Poor Walt! He is in the trap. The mirror in his bedroom is also a window from another room, and the callous Delma waits to pounce.
"Fuck me! Just smell that perfume," Walt thinks.

One of the doctors from a clinic soon arrives.
"Do you know doctor, the stupid changeling was into four pair of my knickers and a silk blouse before you could say boo to a goose."
"Well then, Miss Pensforth, he deserves what’s coming to him. Now then, my little fairy, this will make you nice and drowsy so that you REALLY enjoy being put into feminine clothes!"

Bodily manipulation and conditioning proceed rapidly until poor Walt has breasts and a burning need for female clothing

After a solid hour of noisy pleading for a silk or satin blouse, Walt’s nurses take him to see Doctor Strapz.
"I m-must have a blouse . . . I MUST!"
"At last – a bit of peace and quiet . . . It’s a good job your breasts have come up nicely for matron, you lucky shit."

When Dr. Strapz turns her attention to Walt, his nipples and penis betray his new longing.
"Aha – you haf ze nice breasts, mine little stripling – I like zat – now zen, would you like to be vearing ein sveet little blouse like zis, ja?"
"Oh yes – YES please Please give me TREATMENT. . . sob"
"Goot! Very vell nurse Bonds, give him over to nurse Squeal in alteration block "C" for his preparation. I shall operate at 06.00 hrs tomorrow. DISMISS!"
Walt can’t understand it. His new desires seem to have taken unfortunate control of him.

Walt is not the only victim of the clinic. Daisy's cousin Delma, sets a trap for her loathsome suitor, male chauvinist Michael (Pig) Shoemaker.

The unsuspecting Michael arrives expecting that his charm and renowned virility will yield great things, but he is taken by surprise by women much stronger than him.

After some time at the clinic, Michael begs his amused nurses for his knickers. They enjoy watching his tears as they pretend not to allow him the precious white silk undies.

In part 3, 'Delma's Dainty Babies', Walt and Michael come back from the clinic. Their conditioning makes them crave girls' clothing, but they still protest that they are men and beg to be released. Their futile pleas greatly amuse the ladies.