The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 4 - Gene Bilbrew Sundry

I will use this page to display miscellaneous Bilbrew rarities. If you have anything to contribute (or sell) please contact me.

‘Women Bind and Dominate Male Maid’ 1960 Nutrix.

June and Lola decide to make their fortune betting on a tennis match. To make the bet a sure thing, they kidnap and tie up John, the favorite.

They need to keep him hidden for a week until after the match. They are worried that a visitor might recognize him. If word leaked out, their betting windfall would disappear.
They decide to conceal him by dressing him in their maid’s uniform.

John, despite his helpless position in bondage, stubbornly refuses to wear female attire.
Both girls give John a terrific working over. Finally he can take no more and agrees to go along with the girl’s plan. He does not want to become a maid, however there is nothing he can do but give in.

First he slipped on the thin nylon panties. Then the bra with its padded fullness and the frilly petticoat. Johnny’s face flushed with embarrassment as he struggled to fit the maid’s dress onto his husky frame. The smile on Lola’s face made him clench his fist in anger.

He submitted meekly while his face was being made up, for his hands were tied to his sides.

When they finish dressing and painting him, he makes a valiant, but unsuccessful attempt to escape. Bound as he is, he is no match for the girls.

They replace his rope bondage with steel handcuffs and leg manacles and he passes the week in that fashion. Eventually he begins to like his new clothes and no longer wants to escape from June and Lola’s service as a maid.

‘Women of history Dominating Males’, 1961 Nutrix, contains a section about the Greeks.

Led by Lysistrata, Greek wives tired of their husbands leaving home to fight wars, subdue and overpowered them, making them dress in female clothing.
Lysistrata entered into hand to hand struggle with one of the Greek soldiers. After a fierce battle she overcame him. The chagrined soldier was further humiliated by being forced to wear a dress and carry the triumphant Lysistrata on his back.
She certainly is wearing an odd outfit for ancient Greece. The high heeled shoes and long gloves are way out of place. In the next drawing the glass windows and curtains look odd to me as well. The last drawing is my personal favorite of the three. The paddle looks like what a modern Greek society might use. The high heels on the Greek warrior are impossible for the era, but the overall drawing is erotic.

For those of my readers who are interested in the background of Bilbrew’s fantasy, Aristophanes’ Lysistrata (411BC) was a play about a sex strike, not about forcing Greek men into woman’s clothes. Forms of Greek male dress throughout the classical periods were very similar to women's. Two basic garments, the chiton and the himation, were adopted by both sexes. The full-length chiton was worn by all Greek men until the fifth century B.C. when it was abandoned in favor of a shorter version. It must have been a very dull time for transvestites.

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