The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean
Part 4.5 - Nan Gilbert Photos

Nan Gilbert is of particular interest to me as the author of several of my favorite PP stories (see parts 1, 2 and 3). He appears to interest many of you as well as I have received many requests for more photos of him and his mannequins.

I have no interest in "outing" him and will not disclose his real name or where he lived. However, he did share photos of himself as "Aunt Nancy" with many in the TV community, and he did allow such photos to be published. I am sure that he would be pleased that his stories and photographs still entertain us after all these years.

This first set of photos shows Nan inspecting and adjusting the costumes on several male mannequins that he has dressed in frilly feminine costumes. I wonder if one of them was Leslie? Nan had a real penchant for petticoats as you can see from the garments he and they are wearing. You can also see a number of petticoats hanging in the background of one of the photos.

These are more photos of the mannequins. Note that some of them are without wigs and are obviously boys in dresses. All of them are dressed in ‘sissy’ outfits. A few of the photos show more than one mannequin. Nan seemed to enjoy creating interactive tableaus with them.


These next photos show Nan in a variety of his favorite costumes. He could be a little girl, a maid or a fashionable lady ready for a night out. However, once again you will see that he favored petticoats.


This final set of photos is a real find. First you will see a dress, petticoat, ruffles panties, penis sheath, wig, gloves, shoes and socks and then you will see four photos of Nan wearing then all. Bless you Nan Gilbert. I hope that in heaven you are still enjoying your favorite release.