About Carole Jean

If I had been born a girl, my parents planned to name me Carole Jean. As I was not, they settled on Bill.

I have been dressing in female clothes occasionally since I was a preschooler. I don't know why. I was never forced to dress. I didn't have an older sister or a wicked stepmother. I favor the theory that I was genetically predisposed to dress, but that could just be a way of transferring responsibility for my perversion (an excellent perversion I must add).

My dressing has most often been done in secret. A couple of trips to the Queen Mary and a few missteps excepted.

Wives (two good ones), children, work and a general lack of acceptance of men in women's clothing made it a secretive pursuit. Reading Petticoat Punishment fiction and now writing it has been my principal release.

I have written several stories. To find out more about them, click on "Carole Jean's Stories". If you have not seen them and you are interested in Petticoat Punishment you should buy then right now!

I have several stories in draft form and many hundreds of pages of art to accompany them. Some day I will have time to put them all together. I also have hundreds of pages of art from friends around the world and a substantial collection of unpublished and published stories related to Petticoat Punishment. If you have any old, rare or unpublished items to trade or sell, please contact me. I am always interested in illustrated forced petticoating stories. I am also interested in any original art by John Willie, Gene Bilbrew, Eric Stanton or Bill Ward. I would be happy to correspond with other collectors or readers.

During the winter of 2001 I took a trip to Los Angeles and had a makeover by Xena at Lydia's TV Fashions. She was quite friendly and did what I think was a good job of transforming me. Here are a few photos from Lydia's just after Xena finished with me.

After my makeover I joined my friend and publisher, Sandy Thomas, for dinner at the Venture Inn . They have a varied clientele including gay, straight and cross-dressed men. They are quite friendly and the food is good.

After dinner Sandy and I visited the Queen Mary Lounge . They had a show bar in the front with female impersonators on the stage and Republicans in the audience. There was a back bar for the likes of us. The QM has been closed for several years. The first photo shows Sandy and me in the bar.

In the second I had a little fun doctoring the photo to emphasize a common problem for cross dressers.

In fact both genetic and for the fun of it girls are welcome in the Queen Mary's ladies room.

The final photo shows me a bit bedraggled after a full night of having fun. I hope to be able to go again soon.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy my books and website. I would appreciate your comments, corrections and contributions of ideas or information.