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Tales of Humiliation through

Petticoat Punishment


This page lists my all of my books which are not a part of the Sylvan School for Boys universe. You may see those books on page 70.

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'The Beribboned Gang' is the story of how a female police woman and her friends subdue and transform a teenage gang.

I adapted it from an old short story and worked with Adam who created 22 pieces of art to accompany my text. Here is an excerpt.

“For a month, you’ll wear ribbon chokers around your necks and ribbon bands around your foreheads as a symbol of your gang membership. With the first bad behavior by any one of your members, we put you through the next step, lipstick. The second means pierced ears.



'THE BERIBBONED GANG' is now available on Kindle

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'Bill's Humiliations' is the story of two insensitive and abusive young men whose lives are dramatically changed by the women they have used. Because of one particularly violent incident, these women find themselves in control and are able to force the men into wearing girls' and women's clothing and then publicly display and humiliate them.

I spent over three years writing this story and having it illustrated. I searched for the best artist I could find and discovered Juan Puyal in Spain. In several decades of collecting illustrated TV fiction I have never seen art which better captures the emotions of the characters than his. His work is wonderful in ink, but even better in color. This eight book story contains about 400 original drawings by Juan and 60 of them are in color! Here are some excerpts.

'Bill's Humiliations in Panties' Volume One


The girls looked really angry as we strutted out of the courtroom, led by the bailiff. Later that day Betty had a conversation about Jeff and me that changed our lives. It turned out that she knew the Warden of the state penitentiary – he was an old family friend. After she got off the phone with him Norma noticed that for the first time since Jeff attacked her, she was all smiles. When she asked why, Betty replied, “Can you imagine Bill wearing your clothes?”

* * *

'Bill's Humiliations in Panties' Volume Two

Jean held a bra to my chest, and I took my hands out of my pockets to push it away. I saw my red nails and quickly jammed them back into my pockets.

* * *

'Bill's Humiliations in Panties' Volume Three

“You’ll love your training bra,” Norma said. “Its soft satin triangles will caress your tiny titties, and its dainty lace and ruffles are a perfect accompaniment for your darling panties. The women giggled at this description and the little girls worked to put it on my chest. I shivered at its touch. The girls adjusted it so that my nipples were centered in each little cup.

* * *

'Bill's Humiliations in Panties' Volume Four

Norma put a fresh coat of lipstick on my mouth, sprayed me all over with perfume and straightened my clothing. Then she and Jim each took an arm and led me into the gym. I prayed Brad wouldn’t be there.

He was there all right and so were all the others. I turned my back on them hoping not to be recognized. The guys were already playing and at first they didn’t notice me.

* * *

'Bill's Humiliations in Panties' Volume Five

“I know Olivia and those girls scare you. However, your escape attempt must be punished severely. You’ve forced me to do something even more secure than your bracelet. You’ll go to Debbie’s and have makeup applied permanently. She’ll tattoo it on you.”

“It wasn’t my fault,” Jeff sobbed. “It was those damn girls.”

* * *

'Bill's Humiliations in Panties' Volume Six

“Guess what, honey,” said June Wilkerson, the head cheerleader, “you’re going to be a cheerleader just like us.” The girls held up a uniform, obviously meant for me. I saw red satin panties, a white blouse, and a red and white pleated micro‑mini skirt.

* * *

'Bill's Humiliations in Panties' Volume Seven

“We should get Baby Doll some special prom underwear,” June said. They took me to a lingerie shop, and I spent the better part of an hour changing into one thing after another.

* * *

'Bill's Humiliations in Panties' Volume Eight

Saturday, while Debbie’s was applying makeup to me, I looked around at the smiling women and shifted nervously in the chair. I could feel the compression of my gaff, the tightness of my bra, the sleekness of my nylons and the caress of the delicate fabrics of my dress and panties. I could smell the scent of my perfume and taste the lipstick on my mouth. I was sick of these clothes and of the constant feeling of humiliation. I couldn’t stand the superior looks and condescending remarks. I decided that I would have to talk with Norma again. I couldn’t stand to go out in public in dresses any more.

That afternoon I approached her, “Norma, can we talk?”

“Of course, sweetie. What’s on your mind?”

“I can’t stand wearing these clothes.”

'BILL'S HUMILIATIONS IN PANTIES' is now available on Kindle

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'Bill's Humiliations in Panties' Extras

BJ redrew twelve of Juan's drawings for 'Bill's Humiliations'. I have collected them here along with the original drawings and excerpts from the text which describe the scenes.

Juan drew seven pieces that I did not use in the stories and a short story with nineteen illustrations describing how Jeff came to be a character in the story.

I dreaded the approaching afternoon and wondered if I could go home sick. I certainly felt sick. However, it was too late; everyone had already seen me dressed as a cheerleader.

In class my teachers called me Miss Newton just as Miss Harris had done at the rally. The girls giggled at me and the boys sneered and made nasty comments.


“Pull, you faggot, I’m tired of waiting in your sketch book.”

“All right, Jeff. I can use you now - with just a few changes.”


* * *


'CraveX' is the story of how a wife obtains revenge on a philandering husband by addicting him to a rare drug and forcing him to transform himself into a woman to get his 'fixes'.

I adapted it from an old short story and worked with Adam who created 43 pieces of art to accompany my text. Here is an excerpt.


Finding myself fully dressed in girl’s clothes, I exploded in anger. “You bitch! I hate this! Now that you’ve humiliated me for fooling around by dressing me up in these things, give me my CraveX. Then get the doctor and have her free me from this addiction, let me out of these damn things and give me back my pants.”

'CRAVEX - A WIFE'S REVENGE' is now on Kindle

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'Darwin's Womanhood' is the story of twin teenage delinquents and the alternative sentence offered to them for dealing drugs.

The story was inspired by 'Womanhood' a Sandy Thomas book. I wrote a new story with the same characters and hired Adam to create 100 pieces of art to accompany my text. Here are two excerpts.

'Darwin's Womanhood' Volume One

Shortly, the three of us were walking down a path beside a golden autumn grain field. I walked confidently in my moderate heels, a result of considerable training and practice. I blushed scarlet under Katie’s curious scrutiny. No one spoke until we were out of hearing range of the house. “Get us out of here Katie,” I begged. “I can’t stand being a girl.”

* * *

'Darwin's Womanhood' Volume Two

“No! For God’s sake no!” I yelled. I held onto the bars and they pried my fingers loose and started pushing me into the cell.


'DARWIN'S WOMANHOOD' is now available on Kindle

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'Jeff's Humiliations' is the story of how a troublesome teenage boy is dressed as a girl by his mother, aunt and younger sister.

I adapted it from an old short story and worked with Juan who created 20 pieces of art to accompany my text. Here is an excerpt.

“Oh, God! It’s a boy!” Sharon said to her companion. “I know him! He’s in our school! It’s Jeff Kane. Oh what a sight!She called out loudly to him as he passed, head hung in embarrassment, “HI, JEFF, I LOVE YOUR DRESS. IT WOULD LOOK REALLY CUTE ON MY LITTLE SISTER.”

'JEFF'S HUMILIATIONS' is now available on Kindle

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'The Male Maid ABCs' is a trip thru the alphabet with male maids. There are two drawings for each letter plus a few extra.

I wrote the text and Juan who created 52 pieces of art to accompany my text and another three just for the fun of it. BJ drew modifications of two of the drawings. Here is an excerpt.

G is for the Gaff that keeps him all Girlie.

'THE MALE MAID ABCs' is now available on Kindle

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'More Male Maids' is my selection of Male Maid drawings. Most of them are by Juan. There are 46 drawings none of which were in 'The Male Maid ABCs'. Here is a sample.


* * *


'Now He's Louise' is the story of a wife's revenge on an unfaithful husband.

I adapted it from an old short story and worked with Adam who created 17 pieces of art to accompany my text. Here is an excerpt.

He stepped into the prostitute's panties and pulled them up to his waist. “Doreen, this is silly,” he said as he adjusted himself into the scanty undies. “Why are making me put this stuff on?” Doreen just smiled and pointed to the garter belt and nylons with her gun. There were actual tears of humiliation and frustration in Lew’s eyes as put on the garter belt, fished the garters under his panties and rolled and tugged the woman’s nylons up his legs, fastening them tautly in place.


'NOW HE'S LOUISE' is now available on Kindle

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'Peter's Vacation' is the story of a teenage boy who visits his aunt and younger male cousins in France for the summer. She has some odd ideas about how children should dress.

I took an old incomplete story, modified and finished it (all of book five is my work). I then worked with Juan who created 175 pieces of art to accompany my text (10 of them in color). My story was published as 'Henry's Vacation' as another publisher released a bastardized version called 'Peter's Vacation' just before mine was released. Here are some excerpts.

'Peter's Vacation' Volume One

His aunt spoke to the girls in rapid French. They grinned at Peter and led them to a part of the store filled with a variety of dresses and smocks. Peter stood fuming with clenched fists as selections were made. The two smiling girls moved towards him. One of them was carrying a dress!

* * *

'Peter's Vacation' Volume Two

Melanie smiled and returned to the dresser. With some care, she removed a satin slip from a drawer. He stared at the little lace edged garment with fear and disgust. A girl’s slip! Peter’s heart raced . . . it couldn’t be . . . . This couldn’t mean that he was about to be put in a dress. He wouldn’t allow it, NO! NEVER!

* * *

'Peter's Vacation' Volume Three

For a moment all eyes went to Peter’s smooth knees. Embarrassed, Peter pulled in his daintily clad feet. The boys smiled at this gesture of shy modesty.

* * *

'Peter's Vacation' Volume Four

“You are such a pretty girl,” Billy said, then dropped a hand to ‘Priscilla’s’ perfumed knee. Peter was terrified. Billy’s hand was reaching under his dress. He struggled, but Billy was strong and determined.

* * *

'Peter's Vacation' Volume Five

The girls sat while ‘Priscilla’ and Melanie served them. Matilde suddenly pointed at Peter and laughed. “Look! You can see his panties when he bends over.”


'PETER'S VACATION' is now available on kindle

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BJ drew nine variations of Juan's drawings for 'Peter's Vacation'. I have collected them here along with the original drawings and excerpts from the text which describe the scenes.

Juan drew three pieces that I did not use in the stories. Here is a sample.

One morning as Melanie was helping him into a little lacy chemise, panties and petticoat, she told him, “Today we are going on a picnic.”

“Where Melanie,” he asked. He hoped it would not be a very public place.

“That will be a surprise, Priscilla.”

* * *


'Sarah School' is the story of a wife's and father-in-law's revenge on an unfaithful husband.

I adapted it from an old short story and worked with Adam who created 33 pieces of art to accompany my text. Here is an excerpt.

She ignored my protests, lowered my pants and unbuttoned my shirt. I was frantic to cover my feminine underwear, but all of my squirming and objections came to nothing. She seemed to be moving slowly on purpose. She left my shirt unbuttoned with my bra showing. Only then did she open the car door and help me in.

'SARAH SCHOOL' is now available on Kindle.

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'Schooled With Girls' is the story of how a young boy is sent to a girls' school by his stepmother.

I adapted it from unpublished story and worked with Juan who created 173 pieces of art (25 of them in color) to accompany my text. Here are some excerpts.

'Schooled With Girls' Volume One

“I’m Janet,” she said, “What’s your name?”

I stared down at my lap and didn’t respond.

“Why are you a Miss Mary’s student?”

The front panel of my skort draped over my legs like her skirt did.

“Are you a sissy?”


“All right,” she laughed, “I just assumed – I mean look at you.”

* * *

'Schooled With Girls' Volume Two

“Let’s pack your boy's clothes. You won’t be needing them.”

As we packed, my tears never stopped.

* * *

'Schooled With Girls' Volume Three

“Okay girl-boy, lift it,” Paul said.

I wanted to fight, but he might take me back to the men’s room. Reluctantly my fingers went to the delicate hem of my dress, and I raised it a few inches.

“Above your waist,” Paul said.

Glaring at him, I lifted it higher.

* * *


* * *


BJ drew five variations of Juan's drawings for 'Schooled With Girls'. I have collected them here along with the original drawings and excerpts from the text which describe the scenes.

Juan drew two pieces that I did not use in the stories. Here is a sample.



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