The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 33 - Vancy

I must apologize to Vancy and his fans that it has taken me so long to dedicate a portion of my web page to his wonderful art. In my defense I must say that I only met him two years ago, his delightful pencil technique was very difficult for me to reproduce faithfully and he lent me several hundred drawings.

Vancy has been a delight. As I neared the end of my work, I asked him if he would draw the 'Boy on a Couch' for his section of my web page. I was surprised, pleased and delighted with the result. He drew several different and delightful variations and provided me with the photographs he took of his model (himself) prior to beginning the drawings.

They are so wonderful and such excellent examples of Vancy's techniques that I have included them all here.

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Here are the rest of the photos Vancy Gave me.

Click on any one to see it larger.

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Vancy has been drawing Petticoat Punishment art since the 1970's. His technique has evolved but his work was fascinating from the beginning. Here are some samples in chronological order. To view all of his work go to my order page.


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Here is a photograph of Vancy with his own narrative:

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A Yank in Kilts

Vancy loves the classic story of a boy from the USA visiting his rather peculiar relatives in the far north of England. He had a copy of the original text of that story (which has been reprinted in this and other edited and extended formats) which he illustrated a few years ago. Here are two drawings he did which were inspired by the story but did not illustrate any specific scene.

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Finally, here is a chapter from the story with Vancy's illustration. The rest of the text and art are available here for sale.

Chapter Twenty-one

Jack froze at the word 'girl'.  He could guess what she had in mind, but any way out would be better than the horrible possibilities of the photos circulating around his school back home!

Boys will be contemptuous and suggest all sorts of ways for Jack to get out of his dilemma.  They ought to pause a moment and try to imagine their own photos in the most embarrassing possible positions being handed out to their classmates and possibly to their own sisters. 

Jack gave in, he would do as he was told, would obey even this vindictive girl.  As he watched the expression on her face, his heart sank.  She was enjoying the situation, but her smile was hard.  Memories of the morning she had overpowered him in forced him into his first pair of panties came clearly to his mind.

"Jacqueline!"  She said and paused for the name to sink in, "get into a fresh pair of panties!"  He squirmed at the name, but he hastily complied.  "You might like a full slip."  She teased and drew a pink satin slip from a drawer.  "Hold up your hands," she requested. 

"Please, no!"  Jack protest feebly, but she stood waiting till he reluctantly raised his arms.  The slip slid easily down his arms and she tugged the soft garment down into place.  The satin felt strange and the little shoulder straps fault awkward.  He blushed at the thought of being put into a girl's slip.

"Here, put on this blouse," Terry said, handing him a rather frillier blouse than usual.  "No! Take it off again.  I forgot your kilt has a bodice," she giggled.  Jack could hardly conceal his irritation as she he took the blouse off again.

"Now for your little bodice kilt," she chuckled.  "You know mostly girls or very small boys wear bodice kilts?"  She asked. 

"Paul told me," Jack muttered, as he stepped into the kilt and she buttoned up the back of the bodice. 

"Now the blouse," his cousin commanded.  He put on the frilly garment.  He watched disgustingly as she rummaged out a pair of schoolgirl's black silk stockings!

"Look, Jacqueline, a good pair of schoolgirl's stockings for you!"  He wanted to hit her, but instead drew a deep breath.  Gritting his teeth, he let her pull on the stockings on his legs.  She slipped two plain garters up his legs.

"Now your hair, Jacqueline," Terry said, pushing him onto the seat of the dressing table.  He watched as she combed his hair forward and over his ears.  He was beginning to realize how long it had been since his last visit to the barber's.  He was aggravated to see that Terry's handiwork gave his face a very girlish appearance.  Satisfied, Terry allowed him to stand up.  She seemed pleased with the effect, while he glared at his reflection.  His girlish hair, the fancy blouse, the kilts and finally schoolgirl’s stockings made him look almost completely feminine.

He clutched his fists in anger and frustration, since attempting to fight jujitsu would be futile, not to speak of painful, as he had already found out.  Carefully she picked up the envelope on the table and walked towards the door.  "Don't delay coming down to breakfast."  She fluttered the envelope.  "It would be a nuisance for Donna to have to come up here and fetch you!"  She laughed.

Jack burst into tears and sobbed brokenly.  He knew he was defeated.  He was strangely terrified now of Donna's cane.  He hated Paul to see him dressed like this -- defeated like this -- but he felt consoled that Paul had been often similarly treated.  He loathed the servants and his Aunt to see him, but far rather they, who took it so a matter of course, and his school friends and his Sister who would not view the photographs so tolerantly.  He knew he would have to go down.  He realized he was left no real alternative.  He wept until he began to visualize Donna coming up the stairs with a cane.  Jack briefly pulled back his shoulders and headed downstairs!

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