The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 32 Barry Blair

BARRY BLAIR is a Canadian, raised in Ottawa and Asia, and has been telling elfin tales for quite some time. His work has appeared since the 1970s in such titles as Elfquest, Elflord, Samurai, Dragonring, Warlock 5, Warlocks, Gun Fury, Team Nippon, Leather and Lace, Sapphire, Vampyr's Kiss, Demon Hunter, Walking Dead, China Sea, Dragonforce, Climaxxx, Demongate, Elfheim, Elflore, Greenhaven, Stargate, and a bunch of others.

My favorite character from these stories is Windblade. When I asked Barry to for permission to show some of his art here, I also asked him if he would please write an introduction to Windblade for my readers:

Hi CJ,

That sounds great what you are doing with Windblade. I hope your fans like the little guy!

His background is long and complicated so I will try to make it short.

Windblade is of the Sidhe race, the Magic elf peoples who have white hair and are more effemitive than the regular elves of Pangia.

Windy is a mate to the warrior elf Hawk, together they form a yin yang relationship and strive to combat the evil magic users in the realms.

Currently they live in the Temple of the black lotus where they serve the magic monks along with a large group of elfin boys who act as servants to the powerful mages.

Windy is special because he has the magic ability of a Sidhe and is used by the monks in various magic ceremonies.

Anyway, that’s about it in a nut shell.

As I get more Paintings done I’ll send them to you so you can keep current with the little booger.

Talk soon friend.


Here is 'Windblade, the little booger'

Here are a few more of Barry's effeminite elves

He also drew the art on the top of this page just for me and my readers.

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