The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 31 Adams 2000's

Adams is Back and on PPA

After being "off the scene" for twenty years Adams has begun drawing again. His new work is in color and executed solely on the computer. His themes are women forcing men into transvestism as well as heavy latex medical scenes. Men are always at the receiving end. I have all 172 of his new drawings. Adams has added a caption to each of them.

Here are some samples of his new work:

105 more Adams drawings are available.

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In addition, my friend Capability Brown has written short stories to accompany 62 of the drawings.


Giles Branson swiftly realized that the restraints that held him in place made struggling and any resistance futile. He bitterly regretted ever signing such a deceptively simple loan agreement, but Gloria Strickland had been so accommodating and the rate was very attractive in view of his circumstances, with alimony to pay and all the other monthly payments that went with his lifestyle.

He hardly stopped to consider the “Default of Payment Clauses”, in which it was stated “that in the event that he defaulted on any payment due, he would immediately and without reservation, enter the employment of Strickland Finance in any capacity deemed appropriate.”

He also could not have foreseen that he would be laid off as part of his companies downsizing program and he did not have to wait long before he was summoned to a meeting with Gloria Strickland at her office.

He then made the fatal mistake of trying to run, but even as he opened the door with his case in hand he found two of Gloria Strickland’s female heavies waiting for him, they used a knock out spray and caught him as he fell.

“Don’t want to damage that pretty face, do we?” were the last words he heard before all went black before his eyes.

When he came too, he found himself secured to the wall of Gloria’s office by wrist restraints. There was the taste of the rubber of an inflatable gag in his mouth. He glanced down and saw two enormously large pink boobs hanging on his chest and realized he was in a close fitting skin toned rubber neck high leotard.

Gloria Strickland noticed that he was now conscious and smiled a warm beaming smile of insincere welcome.

“I hate men who default, but I hate men who try to run even more! Had you come to me I might just have found you a position as the office boy or janitor’s help, now…well, you’re well on your way to becoming “one of the girls”!”

She gave a few more firm squeezes on the black rubber bulb in her hand and he felt the inflatable butt plug expand even more firmly against his anus.

“We’ve totally depilated your body and you won’t need to worry about shaving anywhere ever again. I’ve chosen your wig for you; it’s sitting on your own shaved head, but once your own hair starts to grow again, and it will be growing fast with the treatment you’ll be getting, we’ll style and colour it the same way. Blonde suits you!”

He tried to struggle in the restraints and to move his feet, which he realized were now held in high heels, but the spreader bar between his ankles held his legs firmly apart so that Gloria Strickland could “operate” on him.

“Please don’t do that “Gillian” wait till I’ve finished other wise you’ll ruin your new stockings. A few more squeezes on these two bulbs and your final changeover really starts, you wont have to wear that rubber top after two or three months either and we’ve already taken care of your voice with what’s in the gag.

Gloria Strickland helped Gillian into her dress and watched as she smoothed the creases of her boots. The treatment Gloria had administered left Gillian with a delightful movement in her hips as she walked and her boobs danced delightfully too.

Gillian checked her lipstick and mascara; she knew exactly what job Gloria Strickland had in mind for her to do.


“So, as I was saying, when you asked me to open your desk and find the original faxed contract papers, it occurred to us that you had forgotten what you had hidden in the bottom drawer! When we opened that folder and found you little store of magazines, well.., but when we found your little digital camera and all those photos you took of yourself!”

Sally placed one gloved hand around my chin and Mary held the back of my neck steady as they applied the finishing touches to the heavy makeup they had decided to give me.

“At first we thought that as you had always been a good boss we’d let it go, but then we thought, What the heck, we do most of the work and get you out of trouble the least we could do was to help you become a useful assistant in the office!”

The girls had given me the option, either go along or risk being exposed and risk losing my business totally. As they put it, “Go along with us and you get to keep most of it and we are all one big happy family, all girls together. We’ll run the firm, which we do mostly anyway as we are all authorised signatories, and you can fit right in with us!”

That was how I came to be sitting, my head shaved,” When it grows we’ll restyle it, in the meantime a wig will do the job,” wearing a frilled corset full arm length mittens through which my newly applied artificial fingernails and their violet varnish showed.

The girls had provided fitted stockings, knee length panties and black stilettos. They had managed to find some coloured contact lenses to my own prescription, so I now had Hazel eyes.

Marge, who was supervising the whole operation fitted a padded bra and helped me into a nigh necked dress with frilled puff sleeves and one satisfied, fitted a black wig that curled out alongside my jaw. She added some rings and a bracelet and then told me to walk over to the mirror.

I stood in awe at what they had done. I guess I knew that although it might at first have amused them they had tried to get me to become a real person who fitted in.

Marge continued, “We’ve got new ID for you, you’re Anne Roger instead of Alan Rogers. We’ve taken a couple of years off your actual age and you’ll move in with me and I’ll keep an eye on you and ensure Alan never comes back.

I love my new life and the feel of soft lingerie and the sway in my walk. Mage had helped my select my new wardrobe and I now realize that she is the dominant partner in our “marriage” and I know if ever she asked me to I would.

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