The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 30 Adams 1970's & 1980's

The United Kingdom appears to have had a higher incidence of interest in Petticoat Punishment than we Americans do. I suggest this unscientific observation as I am aware of several UK artists who have drawn a substantial number of petticoat punishment illustrations. If there were as high a percentage of interest in the USA, there should have been many more artists here than I have discovered.

Perhaps Petticoat Punishment has UK roots and the USA’s polyglot culture diluted this tradition. Perhaps they are more tolerant of aberrant behavior. Or perhaps my observation is faulty.

In any event, Adams artist is Scottish. His work appeared in Swish publications from the early 1970’s through the middle 1980’s. I have discovered his drawings in Tranz, Search, Smooth, Relate, Accord, Madame, World of TV, My Mistress, Spanking Spectrum and Spanking & C. D. Review. It has also been reprinted in USA publications including some from Empathy Press.

The earliest Adams Petticoat Punishment drawing I have found was in Madame Volume 3 Number 7 published in 1976 the story is titled, ‘Converted to a Boy Girl’:

The following letter appeared in a French review. It was written by a widow with two daughters aged 12 and 98, who had been given charge of her 14-year-old stepson.

As soon as his hair grew long enough, took him to a beauty salon. When he rebelled, he was stripped in the presence of her girls who taunted him with being a crybaby while he was spanked.

The next step was to dress him in the fluffiest, frilliest little girl clothes all in pastel shades with ruffles and flounces. He resented this treatment very much but after several spankings; at last I had a lovely little boy-girl.

My Mistress 3 has an illustration of a woman ‘lipsticking’ an unwilling man. This theme will be repeated in later Adams drawings.

The World of Transvestism Volume 2 Number 3 from 1978 has a delightful story, ‘A Very Special Evening for Darling Pemberton’ in which a lucky eighteen-year-old youth is selected to be admitted to the Marshampton Brownies. The girls and their mothers have a fine time with him. This story and art are available for download as just one small part of item #73, Adams Drawings and Stories.

‘The Adventures of Pussy Cat’ 1978

Adams did a few comic book style stories. The first one is quite a rare and interesting illustrated story. It was printed on newspaper quality stock with no publisher indicated.

PussyCat was a beautiful young girl who roamed the universe in search of worlds to dominate. When she reached Earth she switched on the disintegrators and men’s clothing disappeared right off their bodies. Only the rubber clothing provided by PussyCat Ltd. would not dissolve. However, all they had was dresses.

'Tales of Bizarre' from a Swish publication is told in 21 captioned illustrations

A man is nervously shopping for female clothes. The store owner notices some unusual sounds when he walks around the store. She forces him to lower his pants and her suspicions are confirmed – now she has him!

Bizarre Fantasy Castle 1979

This 30-page story is another of Adams’ comic book format stories. It was printed on decent paper but was not bound. It also had no publisher indicated.

The cover calls it a ‘complete picture story of a man’s enslavement and eventual subjugation at the hands of dominant women’:

Bizarre Fantasy Castle

This is a classic – one of the best of the Adams stories. It has 29 full page captioned illustrations. It is a complete and very bizarre picture story of a man’s enslavement and eventual subjugation at the hands of dominant women.

The story and art are available for purchase - Go Here To Find How to Order

Madame Volume 5 Number 4 from 1979 includes the story ‘Fun with Peter’ One thing of interest is Adams’ tendency to present his victims with virtually no body hair even to the extreme of removing his eyebrows:

Peter, my house husband, looked so sad dressed as a woman. However, my boyfriend’s gay friend George liked what he saw and the next morning Peter walked a bit bow legged.

My Mistress Number 12 from 1981 that has ‘The Humiliation of John Rothmere’:

“Elaine is here because you are about the same size. You will put on her clothes and she will wear yours.”

He gasped and tried to protest but when she produced the riding crop, he did what he was told.

The fact that Elaine was just an ignorant girl from the packing department in his import export business made the exchange all the more humiliating.

He struggled into her corsets. The women giggled and, picking up Elaine’s knickers, put them over his head drawing them down until the crotch piece was against his mouth and nose.

“From now on you will wear women’s clothes to the office and you will do the job that Elaine has been doing.”

My Mistress Number 12 from 1981 contains ‘Transformation at Aunt Felicity’s’:

“Now get him some girls’ clothes,” she told the maid.

“Girls’ clothes?” I was in shock.

Tranz 35 from 1982 has an Adams cover with no related story. Note that for this cover and the proceeding story the transformed male has his nipples exposed to leave no doubt regarding his gender.

‘Assuming a Woman’s Role’ 1980’s has an Adams cover and interior drawing. I don’t know what the story is as I only have the art, which probably means I didn't like the story.


The World of Transvestism Volume 4 Number 12 from 1983 has ‘Rescued from Humiliation’:

I was just putting my bra on when there was a knock on my hotel room door and before I could say ‘just a minute’ in walked Miss Johnson, the owner.

“Well,” she said, “you have been masquerading as a woman.”

“I’m not doing you any harm.”

“If you want me to keep your secret, you will do as I say.”

There was nothing illegal about dressing as a woman but I didn’t want this to reach the ears of my colleagues and friends.

“What do you want me to do, I have only women’s clothes with me.”

“The lawn needs to be cut. You will work without your dress, I wouldn’t want you to soil it.’

I protested about having to mow the lawn in my underwear but Miss Johnson was adamant and threatened to call the police if I refused. So in the end, wearing only a bra, knickers, hold-up stockings and high-heel shoes, I ventured outside to attend to the lawn.

You can imagine that it was hard for me so scantily dressed to hide the fact that I was a man, with the result that a number of people from the hotel were soon staring at me with amusement.

“Look at him,” laughed one girl, “a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What a lark!”

“Daft if you ask me,” another said.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked a third.

All the time Miss Johnson stood in the porch enjoying my discomfiture.

‘Boys Will Be Girls’ 1980’s I have the cover only.

Madame Volume 8 Number 9,Volume 9 Number 8, Volume 10 Number 5 and Volume 10 Number 7 from 1883-1985 have Adams drawings without significant related stories. Note the shaven heads and the forced lipsticking.

Madame Volume 12 Number 1 1985 has ‘Transformation at Aunt Felicity’s’:

“Now get him some girls’ clothes,” she told the maid.

“Girl’s clothes?” I queried her.

“That’s what I said. Forget about your maleness.”

It took me about ten minutes to put all of the clothes on. They made me up and allowed me to look at myself in the mirror. I had to admit that a complete transformation had taken place.

It was then that I made the silly mistake of rubbing my lips, more out of habit.

“You silly boy, you’ve smudged your lipstick and my friends will be here soon.

‘The Agency Slave Trade’

This is quite a nice item but not done by Adams. I have been unable to identify the artist but the style is very similar to his. It was printed by Centurian publications in the United States in 1985 but was probably drawn in England earlier. It is a 48-page story of men transformed into slave maidens. Some of the bondage garments in the illustrations are for sale. I wish more catalogs were this interesting:

House of Correction 24 captioned illustrations

In this classic Adams tale a man visits two dominant women for what he hopes will be an entertaining session. What he doesn’t know is they are really working for his wife who is looking for a more attentive and feminine! lover.

Here are three more Adams drawings:

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