The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 27 - Curtus

Curtus has drawn some art for a new story whose tentative title is 'The Good Little Boys'. Sorry but it has not yet been published. Here is one of Curtus' drawings illustrating a concept for a scene from that story.

I have about 2000 Curtus originals. I have selected 1000 of my favorites and have organized them into 20 groups of 50. Each of these groups has an assortment of wonderful unpublished drawings. You may find out how to buy them by going here:

Here are some of my favorite drawings from the set of 1000 followed by some faces from Curtus' sketches just to give you a bit better idea of the wide range of his work. You will see schoolboys in short pants, sissies, boys dominated into dresses, babyfied bullies, spankings and a wide variety of humiliations.

Here is a collection of boy's faces


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