The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 14 - Bill Ward in Bizarre Books 2 of 2

Issue Number - My Rating (0-3) - Author - Title - Date Published

BB 115 - 3 - Eric Thomas - LACED TO OBEY -1974
This book tells the story of Alan. He is the 16-year old boy, son of an American oil tycoon who had upset the Rulers of a Mid-East Oil State. The boy disappeared in broad daylight while water-skiing. Yet, while divers were looking for his body, he was in Chariga enslaved to Princess Selena who with her brother, Prince Suliman, ruled despotically over this small country.

"I have decided that, at any rate for a time you shall be a girl," Selena announced.
Alan stood looking rather stupid, his mouth opened and hanging slack. The suggestion was so offbeat, so outside his experience that he could not absorb its implications. However, he had not forgotten the penalties that waited for the least disobedience or hesitation, so he replied, as he had been taught, "I am your Slave, Mistress. But I don't understand."

Selena enlarged on her theme. "It will amuse me to have you dressed and behaving like a girl instead of like a boy - for a few hours, or a mouth, or a year - who knows, as long as it pleases me. Now, how shall I dress you?" Her head was on one side, appraising him, considering "If I dress you like an oriental, you will be wearing trousers and I cannot see much point in that. No! I shall dress you as a Western girl of about 14 years, I think!" She continued to ruminate. "A school uniform would be pleasant the kind of thing I had to wear when I was at school in England. But I don't have an English one. I will order several outfits for you from London, but they cannot be here until the day after tomorrow at the earliest . . . . I know! I have a Japanese girl's school uniform, like a little sailor suit. It must be about your size. We'll try that. Come with me."

"First this," she said. 'This' was a padded bra, with medium-sized cups stuffed with foam rubber, shaped to resemble the developing breasts of a nubile girl. Blushing, he buckled the strap at the front, then pulled the bra around so that the breasts were in the correct position. Selena came to help adjust the shoulder straps when she saw that his hands were trembling so much that he could not manage alone.

"These next." She handed Alan a pair of white silk panties, trimmed at the legs with white lace. He pulled them on and into position. "You pull the elastic as high as possible at the thigh," she said. Alan felt his manhood throb as the elastic clutched at his thighs.

He took the long white socks and put them on, pulling them to under each knee and turning over the tops neatly. There was a white cotton shirt with long sleeves and a tie. He made three attempts before he got the knot right, so flustered was he. At last Selena said, "There's no need to be quite so nervous. So long as you do as I say, you have nothing to fear. I make allowances for unaccustomed tasks."

After that, the boy managed better, being able to do up the front and wrist buttons of -the shirt unaided. She handed him a skirt, and he stepped into it. He got the zip on the wrong side, and Selena corrected his error. She did not smile, which he had not expected anyway, but at least she did not frown.

The skirt was so short that the lace of the panties showed clearly beneath it as it hung with its bottom hem high on his thighs. Next, he put on a kind of waistcoat or vest of pale blue to match the skirt. This garment had no sleeves and only a single button to fasten in front. The back of the collar hung down square with lines in white and navy blue, like a miniature sailor collar.
He had to sit down to put on the white leather shoes, round at the toes, with 2 inch heels and a simple ankle-strap. As he looked at them he thought, "I shall look like a kid!" Then the whole implication of his appearance dawned on him. In his eagerness to please Selena - or, more truthfully to avoid displeasing her, he had not fully considered that. With crimson cheeks he buttoned the shoes, then stood with his hands clasped behind his back and downcast eyes for Selena's inspection.

"You look quite pretty," she said, "But I think a hat . . . ." Selena herself settled the straw hat with its navy-blue band on his blond curls. Then she took his hand and led him to the wall. Pulling open a door, she revealed a set of three full-length mirrors and switched on the lights.

Alan was shaken to the roots of his being by what he saw in the mirrors. It was absurd, ridiculous, impossible! There, facing him, was the most adorable-looking little girl of about fourteen, with curly blonde hair and a peaches and cream complexion!

Selena laughed, just once, as she saw his face. It was not a nice laugh, nor a comforting laugh, nor even a friendly laugh..

The horror mounted in Alan's mind. In sudden rebellion, he muttered. "My dad will kill you when I tell him what you have done to me."

"He might try . . . but YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR DAD AGAIN, little girl.


BB 116 - 1 - Paul Black - HOUSE OF PAIN - 1974
There were evil forces at work in the House of Pain


BB 118 - 2 - Eric Thomas - HONEYMOON SLAVES, THE - 1974
To the casual visitor, the charming, sun-dried islands of the British West Indies appear almost frivolous - unless one takes the time to dig down below the surface of things, but that kind of digging carries with it certain risks.

It was just an inquiry, he told himself. Nothing more! He checked a few bank records, noted a few curiosities – nothing more! And certainly when Mandy took a liking to him – Mandy the black-haired beauty who was the most spectacular female on the island -- he didn't have any warning, because he was not suspicious by nature.

He soon learned better.

Mandy and her love, a black girl named Anthea, made him feel like a fool after they kidnapped him. They were right, of course - what red-blooded male could go to the police and complain that two lovely young girls had kidnapped him?

It was but a short time before he began to realize the torments of the dominated. First there was physical bondage, handcuffs and the like - very usual, ordinary stuff. But then there was the rubber suit, inflated, tubes everywhere, and the only sound he heard was the Voice in his ear, reminding him that he had three more days to go in the psychological hell of total sensory deprivation.

In the SLAVES OF HONEYMOON ISLAND, who was the tormented and who the tormentor?


BB 119 - 0 - Eric Thomas - TORMENTED MISTRESS, THE - 1974


BB 120 - 0 - Clayton Rich - THEIR BIZARRE EDUCATION - 1974


BB 121 - 1 - Eric Thomas - PRISONERS OF PAIN - 1974
A 20th century Hell fire Club recruits 40 young and attractive boys and girls and compels them to perform.


BB 122 - 1 - Brian Hobart - THE CRUELTY CONNECTION - 1974
Andrew was the prodigal son returned. Those around his dying father didn't want him back.


BB 123 - 0 - Paul Black - HAVEN OF HEDONISM - 1975


BB 124 - 2 - Eric Thomas - CUSTOM MADE SLAVES - 1975
Bronski's specialty was customizing his slaves, adding female touches to the males and masculine touches to the females. Thus a young boy could be rendered half-female and bring more on the market.


BB 125 - 0 - Eric Thomas - THREE WAY PAIN - 1975


BB 126 - 0 - Eric Thomas - PAIN AT THE CROSSROADS - 1975


BB 127 - 3 - Clive Bedford - SALOME'S SLAVE - 1975
She was the first of the world's truly wicked women - the femme fatale without peer who danced her seductive dance of the seven veils for her father Herod so that he would deliver her the head of John the Baptist.
That was 2000 years ago and she is still alive, condemned to walk the earth forever.

Bert looked at the girl coldly. He had picked her up in a bar on 62nd street, convinced that she would be an easy lay. He saw that he was wasting his time.

"I'm going," he said.

"No," said Salome softly, "you will stay. It is amusing to tame strong men. For a time I shall change you into a girl."

"What did you say?"

"You are going to be my girl. You'll enjoy it."

Burt shook his head, trying to clear it. He MUST be going mad. It was the effect of mixing with this crazy girl. How in the hell could HE be a girl?

"It's not going to be easy," agreed Salome, breaking into his secret thoughts. "You are so tall and big."

"I'm not going to dress up like a woman! What the hell do you think I am?"

"You are my slave. You will do anything, but ANYTHING I want."

"Not this, I won't"

"Stand up!"

Bert's mind said, "no," but his body obeyed. He stood motionless, helpless in the hands of this strange girl.

"I shall make you into a girl, Burt. And because you have been disobedient, I shall keep you that way, maybe for years."

Burt felt his hands going to the knot of his tie. "Why the hell am I doing this?" he asked himself. "All I have to do is stop and there's not a damned thing she can do about it!" He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out of the waistband of his trousers. "I'm dammed if I will!" he thought as he loosed the belt of his trousers, unzipped them and stepped out of them.

"I shall enjoy this, Burt," she said icily. "First you will remove every hair on your body – except for your head of course."

An hour later he came sheepishly out of the bathroom, conscious as never before of his total nakedness.

"Why, Burt, you look divine. You'll make an adorable girl. We must get you dressed right away."

"You can't do this to me!" he cried, looking angrily at her.

She smiled and shrugged. "First this corset," she said.

Burt inspected the garment with growing distaste as Salome put the garment around his waist. The front rose to cover his chest - and that front was fitted with two large, full and prominent breasts of startling realism! They were covered by filmy black gauze, which did little to conceal them. The nipples were clearly visible through the cloth.

"It is a pity that your hair is still so short," said Salome. "We shall have to make do with a wig at first."

Burt did not like the sound of that. It merely confirmed her earlier threat to keep him as a girl more or less indefinitely.

"As soon as you are acceptable as a girl, I shall get you a boy of your own. He will think you're a real girl - it will be very amusing."

"But, I'm not a God-damned homosexual!" exclaimed Burt.

"Not yet, but you soon will be."


BB 129 - 1 - Clive Bedford - CIRCUS OF CRUELTY - 1975
He was brilliant and mad and he had concocted the most diabolical scheme to insure himself youth, sexual pleasures and endless riches. He could transplant minds from one human being to another. The first thing he did was enter a voluptuous young woman's body and give her his own decrepit, ailing form. Next, he gave an aging hag who was his best friend the form of a healthy young man, handsome and virile and willing to take part in his bizarre experiments of sexual pleasure.

But this was only the beginning. He had the creation of a human circus in mind - a circus where young men and women would be forced to shed their sexual identities and participate in me cruelest form of sexual abuse ever known to man. They were conditioned to become sexually frenzied animals who would do anything and everything to avoid me hideous punishments devised. And they performed before an audience of the world's most demented men and women.
And who was in charge of this human menagerie? Two fifteen-year-old twins whose minds had been exchanged and whose angelic forms belied the hideous nature of their tormented inner natures.

CIRCUS OF CRUELTY is a novel of bizarre sex that you will never forget, a thundering assault upon the sexual imagination of me most demanding disciple of midnight erotica.


BB 130 - 2 - Clive Bedford - THE SLAVES REVOLT - 1975
From the time they were children the twins Johnny and Helen were schooled in the ways of the obedient slave by their unscrupulous and demented uncle. With his two adolescent slaves, The Master (as the children called him) set up a slave colony on a tropical island where dozens of other young men and women were brought to satisfy the bizarre sexual appetites of the Master

But Johnny and Helen took to the game of sexual humiliation as if they were born to it, and after the slaves revolt and The Master's death, they sought more of the same kind of bizarre erotic flesh experiences. Their travels took them from swinging London to the posh tourist watering holes of France to an ancient villa on the Spanish Riviera where finally they met His Highness Prince Tihwa, Ruler of Sinkiang, a Mongolian monarch who introduced them to the most depraved sexual experience they had ever known.

THE SLAVES' REVOLT is a shattering experience of the pursuit of erotic pleasures jaded international jet setters that spans continents and probes into the innermost corners of midnight sexuality.


BB 131 - 2 - Clive Bedford - THE BONDAGE GARDEN - 1975
This is not by Ward but the art is interesting. Do any of you know the artist?
Madame discovered him masturbating in his secret garden. It was she who introduced him to the ecstasies of the pleasure/pain syndrome; it was she who defiled his manhood by subjecting him to the humiliation of cross-dressing.

The corset crushed his stomach and chest making it virtually impossible for him to bend forward.

She handed him a pair of white silk bloomer-panties.

"But they're all frilly," He protested. "Look at all the lace."

"Put them on!" Dominga's voice snapped like a whiplash.

Jon stepped into the bloomers and pulled them up to his waist. It was not easy because of the stiffness of the corset, but somehow he managed. There was elastic at the waist and around the bottoms of the legs. Impatiently Madame Dominga took hold of the leg elastics and pulled the bloomers up Jon's thighs. The frothy lace felt strange against his skin.

John eyed the final garment askance. It was a white satin dress, with a wide blue sash.

"Lift your arms up!" ordered the woman, and Jon, his mind in turmoil, obeyed.


BB 132 - 1 - Clive Bedford - CAGE OF CRUELTY - 1975
Also not Bill Ward. It looks as if it was drawn by the same artist who did #131.

Edward married his childhood sweetheart, Mary-Ellen, who knew how to please him, and Jeanne-Marie, a transvestite sadist who eventually became his sexual salvation,

I think it may have been her own transvestism which eventually led her to suggest that I should cross-dress. I didn't have any objection to doing it for her in private, but nothing on God's earth would persuade me to go out in "drag". Yet, in Casablanca I did go out with Jeanne-Marie, dressed as a woman.

The solution she suggested was perfect, given the palace and circumstances.

"You shall dress as a woman," she said, "—as a Moorish woman!"

At that time, Moroccan women rarely if ever went about with their faces unveiled, nor without the long, loose garment which concealed the shapes of their bodies from all watchers.

From that day forward I dressed as a woman.


BB 133 - 1 - Clive Bedford - MISTRESS OF TORMENT - 1975
Here is a bizarre tale of one randy male so overwhelmed with female sensuality that he became the victim of the mistress of torment.


BB 134 - 2 - Clive Bedford - BONDAGE NIGHTMARE - 1974
When the lust crazed King Raschid's reign finally came to an end he traded the boys and girls in his harem for the funds he needed to flee. Estrella took one of the boys.

"You could help with the cooking, tidy the cabins, make the beds . . ."

"But that is girl's work."

"If you are going to be 'one of the girls' of the crew, you will have to look like one."

"But they have all seen me, Senorita! They know I'm a boy."

Estrella just laughed, "I shall call you 'Mimi'."


BB 135 - 0 - Clive Bedford - ANGELS OF PAIN - 1976


BB - 136 - 0 - Clive Bedford - QUEEN OF SADISTRA - 1976


BB 137 - 2 - Clive Bedford - SHE-MAN SLAVE - 1976
He was born Lord John, but brought up as Lady Joanna by a demented aunt.
Isolated and always treated as a girl, Joanna remained ignorant of the fact that she was, in fact, a boy.

When finally freed from his aunt, he entered into a series of the strangest kind of sexual unions imaginable.


BB 138 - 1 - Clive Bedford - MISTRESS OF THE STUD STABLES - 1976
The girls opened a unique riding academy – with young men as their horses. Young men who were kidnapped and conditioned to respond to every sexual fetish imaginable.

The twin boys stood in front of Pauline looking scared. They had only run away from their middle class Pasadena home on an impulse and had intended to return after giving their parents a scare.

Pauline looked at them severely, "Now we're going to turn you into girls!"


BB 139 - 2 - Clive Bedford - SPIDER'S SEX SLAVES - 1976
An amazon woman who, through a cruel twist of fate, resembles a spider. She is voluptuous, devouring, and her demented mind has declared war against all mankind.

A female doctor with a gift for sex change operations and a mercilessly imaginative surgeon's knife.

A colony of beautiful but damned women who only make love to each other.

Men caught in the web of these women - tormented, abused, and turned into incredible sex objects to service the madness of this collective female psyche on the rampage.

These images are some of the oddest of Ward's surgical body manipulations.


BB 140 - 2 - Clive Bedford - INNER CIRCLES OF PAIN - 1976
Prepare yourself for a journey into the unchartered wilderness of Eros country-a place where desire is often a matter of life and death. Where passion is a pulse beat away from the Last Rites. Where the whip and the erection are inextricably bound together in a deadly game of pleasure/pain.

If you are weak or squeamish you are advised not to travel the pages of this bizarre tale - a diary of a terrible and terrifying descent into the inner circles of a sexual inferno.

It is a tale of cross-dressing, of exotic fetishism, of ruthless bondage, and of unbearable sexual torment.

It is the odyssey of one man who became the international victim of the world's most ruthless degenerates. From England, to France, to Spain, to the United States they indulged his penchant for pain.

He was Mark. He was Mimi. He was Mamie. And he was simply, "Darling."

Prepare yourself for the INNER CIRCLES OF PAIN

The corset was white and frilled at the hips and top with foamy lace. It came up over my chest, and it had two cups to hold my non-existent breasts.

Later I found that there were four tiny locks attached to the corset at the ends of the straps.

Madame wore the key on a charm bracelet.

From then, as you may have guessed, they dressed me as a girl.


BB 141 - 1 - Clive Bedford - CRUELTA'S CASINO - 1976
She created a new kind of gambling casino with the most incredible kind of human sex games. Five hundred young sexual victims, male and female, made it work.


BB 142 - 0 - Clive Bedford - VICTIMS OF RANCHI - 1976


BB 143 - 0 - Clive Bedford - HOUSE OF SEXUAL VENGEANCE - 1976


BB 144 - 0 - Clive Bedford - NAKED PAIN - 1976


BB 145 - 0 - Paul Stone - A SAVAGE AFFAIR - 1976


BB 146 - 0 - Clive Bedford - BITCH IN RUBBER - 1976


BB 147 - 0 - Paul Stone - SATAN'S SIDESHOW - 1977


BB 149 - 1 - Paul Lack - LUST SUBMISSION - 1977
There was no way for Lady Forbysh to know that she was hiring a demented dominatrix to care for her household and her son.


BB 150 - 1 - Paul Stone - THE PAIN GAME - 1977


BB 151 - 0 - Lance Boyle - MOVIE MANSION MADNESS - 1977


BB 152 - 0 - Peter Erp - ROLL CALL FOR SLAVES - 1977


BB 153 - 0 - F. Talbot - LEARNING TO HEEL - 1977


BB 154 - 0 - Paul Stone - CARNAL CAPTIVES - 1977


BB 156 - 0 - Michelle Stern - VILLAGE OF SLAVES - 1977


BB 157 - 0 - Countess Anne - BIZARRE DIARY PART 1 - 1977


BB 159 - 0 - Paul Stone - SWEDISH SADISM - 1978


BB 160 - 0 - Countess Anne - BIZARRE DIARY PART 2 - 1978


BB 161 - 0 - Paul Stone - TORTURE ME GENTLY - 1978


BB162 - 0 - Paul Stone - CLINIC OF PAIN - 1978


BB 163 - 0 - Countess Anne - DOMINANT FORCE PART 1 - 1978


BB 164 - 0 - Madame Sylvia - MISTRESS OF PAIN - 1978


BB 168 - 0 - Paul Stone - THE PAIN SEEKERS - 1978


BB 169 - 0 - Countess Anne - BIZARRE DIARY 3 - 1978


BB 170 - 0 - Paul Stone - CORRUPTED AND CONQUERED - 1978


BB 171 - 0 - Mistress Alma - ADVENTURES IN THE PAIN TRADE - 1979


BB 172 - 0 - Paul Stone - LEATHER & LUST - 1979


BB 173 - 0 - Timothy O'Sullivan - DOMINATED IN ERIN - 1979


BB 174 - 0 - Paul Stone - THE PAIN LOVER - 1979


BB 175 - 0 - Countess Anne - SOMINANT FORCE 2 - 1979


BB 176 - 0 - Arnold Draveton - BONDAGE SWAPPING - 1979


BB 177 - 0 - Eddie Kraft - BARBARA'S BONDAGE - 1979


BB 179 - 0 - Bonnie Parker - BIND MY NAKED FLESH - 1979


BB 180 - 0 - Arnold Draveton - NYMPHO BONDAGE - 1979


BB 182 - 0 - Steve Driver - SECRET CAPTIVES - 1980


BB 183 - 0 - Mark Savage - TWO BETHS IN BONDAGE - 1980


BB 190 - 0 - William Alanse - PRIVATE EYE, PRIVATE SLAVE - 1982

Bill Ward drew for a few other paperback book publishers. I have only a few of these and the art in them does not offer anything of great interest. Therefore, I will just list the ones I know of with cross dressing art:

Tortura Press #131 'Hell's Dungeon' 1972

Tortura Press #132 'Whip Sisters' 1972

Command Books #1 'The Snatch' 1975

Command Books #8 'Noon Lust' 1975

Command Books #27 'Welcome to Domination High' 1977

Command Books #144 'Slave for Hire' 1978