The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 8 - Eric Stanton

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‘The Return of Gwendoline’ was Stanton’s 1966 tribute to John Willie.

Willie’s story ‘Sweet Gwendoline’ was serialized in Bizarre and Wink in the 1940’s, distributed by Irving Klaw in the 1950’s and then redrawn and sold as ‘Sweet Gwendoline and the Race For the Gold Cup in 1958. Among its characters were Gwendoline, Agent U89 and a French maid named Marcia. Willie’s story was humor in the context of fetish and bondage. Stanton’s story does all of that but also adds a petticoat punishment component.

Auntie is in desperate trouble. She calls her friend, secret agent U-69 (my what a subtle change from John Willie’s U89), for help and asks that she bring Gwendoline.

Auntie’s problem is with her nearly useless male maid, Eustace. She hopes that U-69 and Gwendoline can "show him the ropes". (Considering how poor Gwendoline in tied, it appears that U-69 is an expert in the use of ropes).

The dominant ladies take each other’s slave to discipline (how sweet little Gwendoline and Eustace became slaves to Auntie and U-69 is never explained). U-69 accuses Eustace of being lazy and tries to beat it out of him.

Eustace’s uniform is destroyed during his beating, but not to worry, his mistress has an even more feminine one for him.

The mistresses enjoy a large number of drinks and temporarily ignore their slaves. Eustace comes to Gwendoline’s aid.

Gwendoline appreciates the help, but doesn’t know what to call the feminized man. "Miss . . . er . . . Ma’m . . . I mean . . . well anyway" she stammers.

While the mistresses brawl drunkenly, the two slaves attempt an escape. However, they are observed and their escape attempt comes to a bad end.

In 1985, Leg Show published ‘The Fantasy World of Eric Stanton’. It contained ‘Sweeter Gwen’, ‘Fighting Juanita’, ‘Muscle Girls’ and ‘Bonnie and Clara’. Only the last story has any PP content, however all are worthwhile reading. Get a copy if you don’t have one. Send me a copy if you have an extra.

This seems a good time to mention that I am always interested in purchasing rare books, art and collections on the topic of petticoat punishment. I would like them solely to peruse my research and to improve this web site. I have no prurient interest in them whatsoever – yea, right!

‘Bonnie and Clara’ is said to be written by Stanton and illustrated by Fred Winter. I don’t know anything about Mr. Winter, do any of you?

Clyde is gone and Clara has taken his place with Bonnie. However, when a robbery went bad and she was afraid that Clara would be captured or killed, Bonnie gave all of their loot to lawyer Douglas for safekeeping.

Clara breaks free of the police trap, returns to Bonnie and learns the bad news about their money. She knows Douglas and figures it won’t be easy to get their money back from him. She comes up with a plan to screw him so bad and make him look so awful that none of his powerful friends will want to help him.

The girls spend the next twelve panels kissing, slapping flesh and wrestling with each other. The drawings are attractive, but not on the petticoat punishment theme.

The next night Bonnie goes out dancing with Douglas who seems even more infatuated with himself than with beautiful Bonnie. Back in his apartment, she continues to play her part while Douglas explains that he must possess her utterly. They are in bed when Carla appears dressed in almost nothing but holding a very big gun. "You’ve got a lot of explaining to do," she tells him. "I don’t deal with sluts like you – The money is mine," Douglas insists.

The girls strip off his boxers and tie him to a chair. "I don’t care what you try," he says, "I won’t part with the money. Go ahead do your worst!" The girls start with a bit of scratching and a few kicks to soften him up. Then they proceed to spanking and slaps. Still Douglas talks tough.

Next is a game of darts. Clara draws a target on his rump. Douglas quickly changes his attitude when the first dart hits him.

He is soon bleeding from many puncture wounds and begging for mercy. When the girls stop and remove the darts, however, he is back to threatening. "I’m going to mess up your face!" he says, but he is no match for Clara.

Beaten and still covered by Clara’s trusty revolver and little else, Douglas finally signs the papers. However, he still believes his friends will help him get everything back.

His signing done, the girls put him to work in their underwear. It looks like Clara has lent him the short slip she was just wearing. Isn’t he darling in it and her heels. But it looks like the poor dear is missing his panties.

Douglas still acts belligerent so Clara gives him a quick knee to his most sensitive area.

While he is writhing in pain, Clara has another surprise for him. One of the documents he signed earlier transferred 'Chicago Charlie’s' money to the girls. The mobster will be after him for sure, especially after the girls call Charlie and tell him that Douglas has gambled away the money.

Clara strips her slip off him, binds and gags him again, gets a pair of scissors and explains that she is an old farm girl. "Spaying the boars made them well behaved," she says. "Just a snip here, a snip there and out they pop."

She is ready to make a permanent withdrawal from his three-piece set when Bonnie arrives to announce that she has all of his money. The girls allow him to go. It amuses them greatly to dress him in Bonnie’s high heels, beribboned hat and fur trimmed coat.

Where can he go dressed like that? He has no money, and Chicago Charlie will be watching his place. He is spotted by a cop who penetrates his thin disguise, and it’s off to jail for the cross-dressed lawyer.

There he meets a disgusting looking drunk who takes him for a real woman. There is a brief reference to the perilous situation Douglas is in and the scene changes to a few days in the future. Douglas has come way down in the world. He sees Bonnie on the street and asks her to clear things up for him with Chicago Charlie.

He falls to his knees and grabs her waist, begging her to help him. The police arrive and Douglas is soon back in jail with his old cellmate. This time the reference is quite clear. Dressed as a girl or dressed as a boy, the former high living lawyer will be bedding down with the drunken old bum.

In the 1980’s Eric Stanton started publishing "Stantoons". These small books printed new material by Stanton and new and reprinted material by others. Few of them have any petticoat punishment elements. However . . .

Stantoons 63, ‘The Male Blundie’, tells the story of Clark who is celebrating his 18th birthday and his inheritance. His stepmother and stepsister were left out of the will, but if Clark becomes a male ‘Blunder Broad’ they can control him and the money. Clark becomes Clarketta (an unusually awkward name) and is shaved, corseted, wigged, given large false breasts and made up by the women and their friends. Ashamed of his growing feminine appearance, totally humiliated by the probing, teasing hands, Clarketta hangs by his arms while the women complete his costume and discuss his future as a girlie-boy. The rest of this story descends into face sitting and toilet training.

I was fortunate to obtain copies of Stanton’s rough pencil drawings for Stantoons 98, ‘Trans-fem-ation’. I will include them here with the finished art for contrast.

The story tells what might happen when a man opens his door to three women with car trouble.

As he ogles the bodies of two of them, the third sneaks up behind him with a chloroformed cloth. When he wakes up he is bound, naked and smooth shaven. He tries to protest but is immediately gagged. They put a wig on him, a tight corset, makeup and strap flesh like pads to his chest and butt..

The mystery women then proceed to dress him in hose and heels and a tight rubber dress.
"Aren’t you a little sweetie," one leered. They take the transformed and mystified man to a limo and deliver him to Lis and Lil, his ‘trainers’. They lead him to a stairway and when he has trouble walking, they whip him and say, "Get a move on, Girlie."

Day after day he is forced into increasing feminine servitude and taught to move as a woman. "Take smaller steps in those heels - - Swish that butt - - Either you learn to stick it out and wave it prettily, or I’ll beat you until it swells out."

WHY ME? He wondered. Who was doing this to me?

"Your training is over," Liz said at last. "You’re a cute little Near-Miss! And it’s almost time to learn why!"

The girls shave him close, perfume him and apply makeup then take him to town, Stantonville (!!), naked except for his heels and bonds. They go to a store where they outfit him with exotic feminine clothing. An hour later Lil leads him out into the street.

The story ends with, "to be continued." Was it?

In the late 1990’s Stanton returned to work for Leg Show magazine. Three of these drawings were closely related to our petticoat punishment.

I met Stanton in 1996 at Glamourcon. He was a gentleman but reluctant to part with any of his original art. He had suffered though many years of being 'ripped off'. He did autograph a copy of his art for the 1965 book, ‘Desire & Discipline’ for me. The bearded man in red is Stanton himself.

This wraps up my coverage of Eric Stanton. He had an enormous body of work outside of the area of petticoat punishment. If you are interested you should seek out the Taschen books and contact the Stanton Archives.