The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 8.5 - Eric Stanton

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I thought that I was finished reviewing Eric Stanton, however I received two requests for more including the following:


Just found your site and wanted to applaud your insightful commentary on the history of PPart and its practitioners. I was privileged to do some word-smithing for Eric Stanton late in his career, and found him a man of cosmic-level compassion, who could make himself understand the compulsions of a lot of very lonely people and make them feel a bit less alone (I still remember seeing my first Stanton paperback cover at age fourteen and marveling that there were others who found this appealing.)

A couple items I'm surprised you didn't mention:

SEX SWITCH, an eight-page comic from the mid-60s involves a submissive who is petticoated by dominant women. Stanton told me he was promised $100 for this, and took extra care with it, but then the publisher only offered him $50. He ended up selling to another publisher for $25!

The LEGACY OF PAIN trilogy (LEGACY OF PAIN, ISLE OF AGONY and CITADEL OF SUFFERING) from the mid-60s, about a brother and sister kidnapped by an evil cousin and her girlfriend, who are co-inheritors of a kinky island. As the series progresses, the brother's bondage outfits get more and more femmish until he ends up the petticoat slave of a dominant ex-maid.

A MAID SECURED, also from this period, has a wonderfully suggestive cover, but a crummy story, One so-so pic of a TV maid. Incidentally, Nan Boros, a character in SUFFERING MALES, is based on a real-life Domme, Nan Burroughs.

These books from were written by a Hollywood agent named Al Bersohn, dead these 30 years, who wrote under a variety of pen-names, usually "Astin" ("satin" spelled inside-out) His stuff includes some fine books like YOU, FETISHIST; THE SLAVE COMPULSION; SADIST IN SATIN and others.

Stanton never told me who promised him the $100 but from the tenor of his remarks I assumed it was someone he'd been working with closely in the recent past (early 60s.) Eric didn't like this publisher's practice of putting his covers on booklets that had few or no interior illustrations. Thought it was cheating the public.


Letters like this are my reward for doing this web page. I love to hear from people who can provide information about the artists and their work.

‘Sex Switch’ I omitted on purpose because the cartoon transformation begins with the submissive ‘victim’ wearing panties voluntarily and it was, therefore, only marginally petticoat ‘punishment’.

The ‘Legacy of Pain’ trilogy deserves to be included. My copies of the books list no publisher or date. They also have no house ads. If you know anything, please write to me.

Ernestine heard a knock.

She didn’t know the two women at her door, but what danger could befall a girl from two smart-looking young ladies like these?

So begins the ‘Legacy of Pain', the first book of the trilogy. After a struggle in which all three of the girls end up loosing most of their clothes, Ernestine is bound and gagged. The girls beat her until she agrees to write a letter asking her brother, Bob, to join them.

She was kept in uncomfortable bondage as they waited for Bob. The day he was to arrive, the girls dressed Ernestine in a clinging black silk dress constructed to conceal her bonds. They taped he mouth so she could not speak, but the tape was flesh colored and, with makeup and lipstick, hardly visible.

The trap was sprung. Bob entered and the girls grabbed him. He struggled and called to his sister, "Help me, Ernestine. Don’t just sit there smiling."

The girls bind Bob, and he and Ernestine are tormented until finally he wails, "Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything if you stop."

"Don’t you remember me? Your cousin Judith?"
Bob’s eyes widened in astonished recognition. He had not seen his cousin since she was a little girl.

"But why? What have we done to you."

"Nothing at all, but we are co-inheritors of an extremely valuable island in the Bahamas. I’d make you sign over your shares, but that would deprive Essie and me of the pleasure of making you two our suffering slaves. Also we don’t want to take any chances of your having afterthoughts about the property being mine after you are free."

"Unless you kill me, I’ll tell the authorities!"

"You’ll find that we are the authorities on the island, and that is where you are going."

The second book, ‘Isle of Agony’, begins with Bob and Ernestine discovering that Judy has populated their island with her cult of friends who enjoyed their special activities there.

Bob and Ernestine are prepared for an auction.

Back to back their arms drawn around the body of the other and tied so securely that only outside help could free them.

A double hood, open at both ends but locking around their necks, fit tightly over their heads.

"How fascinating." The person commenting had just a trace of beard showing beneath his makeup. Ernestine was terrified for what this feman might do to her poor brother.

‘Jenny’, the foeman, bought them for $400 (inflation has done horrible things to the price of slaves today).

"I feel cheated by this hood you’re wearing," Jenny told them. "I’d like to be able to look into your eyes Bob. Besides, I wonder how you’d look with false eyelashes, eye shadow and mascara." He unbuckled the hood and Bob blinked at the unaccustomed light. Then felt the foeman kiss him full on the mouth.

"Don’t do that," Bob pleaded.

"I’all do anything I wish with you," Jenny gloated. "If you resist, your sister will pay for it. Now I want to feel those manly hands of yours stroking my entire silken clad body. He released Bob’s hands and closed he eyes surrendering to the thrill of Bob’s strokes – meanwhile Bob managed to loosen Ernestine’s wrists and the brother and sister overpowered the foeman

They tied their tormenter and went off to free the other slaves and organize a revolt. The gathered several together, tying up their captors and went to ‘Castle Will breaker’.

There Ernestine grabbed Judy by the hair and said, "Come on, the rest of you, help me with her!"

"You stupid bitch," Judy snarled. "Some of these people pay to be punished. They love it! Some of the others are employees, paid to provide pleasure for my more sadistic clients."

"Tie them up," Judy commanded, "and gag them."

More beatings follow and lead into the third, and best, book, ‘Citadel of Suffering’.

Judy had created a new element. Either Ernestine and Bob relinquished their shares of the island to her or she would so cause Bob to suffer that Ernestine couldn’t stand the sight. She would eradicate every visible trace of Bob’s manhood.

"Don’t sign, Ernestine," Bob insisted. "Not signing is the only thing keeping us alive."

Judy sneered at the boy, "Very well then, from this instant forth, there is no Bob! Instead, all we have is a half-sexed creature named Barbara!"

"Changing what you call me won’t do anything," Bob said.

"Barbara, you poor stupid girl. You have so much to learn. Rebel, bring in her things."

An enormous Negress brought in a long package. First she put a pair of panties on Bob, then garter belt and black hosiery. Then came the boots – laced up his legs with special loops at their heels to aid in his bondage.

"Sign, Ernestine," Judy demanded, "or electrolysis is next, then the injections in his breasts and hormones.

Judy painted Bob’s lips and did his eyes. She was piercing his ears when Essie came rushing in.

"They’re here! I thought we had another week to get these two to sign over their share."

"Let’s just take our part and leave these two for them to work on. Prepare Barbara for the vampires so that her throat is unprotected."

Rebel put Barbara in a leather corset with a breast shaping brassier attached. Now came a pair of long ‘gloves’. All of these parts tied together and were anchored by a steel bar that ran down Barbara’s back.

Two strange people returned with Judy.

"These are the new owners of my share of the island. They are Bella and Theda van Pyre"

The new owners decide to get the other share of the island through marriage and Barbara and Ernestine are prepared.

Bob-Barbara is fitted with a wig and both he and his sister are fitted into white satin, short-skirted gowns, Ernestine’s invitingly low cut; Barbara’s with the bodice sheer enough to show the inadequacy of his breasts. They are bound and gagged.

Bella returned and said, "I know I’m not supposed to look on my bride before our wedding, but I couldn’t resist."

Ernestine felt herself blushing. Then her stomach seemed to turn. For Bella kissed the completely feminine looking Barbara on the forehead!

"You will make a lovely bride, my beautiful Barbara."

After the ceremony, the two are taken upstairs and their clothing removed.

"This is our chance, Bob, Ernestine pleaded silently.
Instead, Bob let them put a silken gown on him and let them tie him to the bed and put a pink satin hood over his head.

"Watch my dear," Theda whispered to Ernestine. The rising and falling of the whip continued until Barbara pleaded, "Please, husband dear, don’t hit me any more."

Ernestine looked on with horror and disbelief.

"Perhaps you don’t understand the power of pain," Theda said, "Come I will demonstrate."

In the meantime, Judy returned to the island furious. The check bounced and she wants revenge. Rebel tells her of the wedding and of Bella’s enjoyment of showing off what a strong dominant man he is. Judy decides on just the thing to demonstrate that you simply do not mess around with her.

Rebel surprised Bella and Judy and Essie proceed to strip him.

"A dress!" Bella exclaimed. "Me? I’m all man."

"We will change that forever if you don’t put this dress on by the time I count to ten."

As she counted the hurting, helpless man let the fabric come slithering down over his body. Rebel zipped it closed and threw him to the floor.

Judy grabbed him by the hair and began flailing him.

"Now, Bella, tell us where can we find your sister?"

After a little more persuasion with a pair of lobster tongs, Bella led them to his sister who was sucking blood from one of the many cuts her whip had opened in Ernestine.

Ernestine was released from her painful position. How much had she endured to protect her cowardly brother! "Barbara, yet!" She spat the name aloud. "Will you have me as part of your group, Judy? With our shares we will have two-thirds."

"But what of your bro – er, sister Barbara here, now that he’s a married woman and all?"

"I’m disgusted with it, whether it’s Bob or Barbara. I don’t want any part of him or her."

"Look, if nobody wants Barbara, I think it’d be fun having her," Rebel said.

"Okay. Rebel, I’all give him to you under the condition that he’s never to know the touch of anything manly," Ernestine said.

"Fine," Rebel said. She took the boy to her room and made him put on a maid’s uniform and worked him until he was exhausted.

"Put on your pretty blue silk nightie now," Rebel commanded.

"This is great, Barbara. I’ve been dreaming about this for years and you, my helpless sissy slave will soon know the ultimate in degradation. This will be your worst House of Humiliation."